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Check barcodes without a scanner

  It is important that Barcodes are printed correctly in order to remain readable. As soon as individual heating elements of thermal transfer and direct thermal printers fail or become dirty, it can happen that barcodes are printed incorrectly . Barcode scanners that check the codes immediately after printing can detect this immediately. But what if there is no scanner? We’ll teach you […]

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Batch change: What do you do to minimise downtime in Production?

  The social trend towards individualization creates market pressure that will permanently change the production processes. In addition, there are new technologies that can cater for the individual customer wishes for personalized goods and a larger variety of products. Production in small batches – requires companies to be more flexible in production and logistics in combination with the changes […]

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RFID Hybrid Label: Two frequencies in a smart label

RFID – the abbreviation stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”. Translated, that means “identification with the help of electromagnetic waves”. When it comes to logistical or product-related applications, more often than not a very specific form of RFID technology is at the center of what is happening: the so-called “smart label”. Fig. 1: A tiny chip in the label enables […]

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