Label Printing / Manufacture

Cost-effective self-adhesive labels for industry and trade: We are experienced and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of professional solutions to applications and demands in all industries. Be it blank, high-quality printed or with special functionality: We will supply you with customised labels manufactured in-house – designed to your production and logistics!


  • Top quality manufactured in-house
  • Customised sizes and shapes
  • Professional order processing
  • Certified quality management: ISO 9001
  • Quick delivery ex-stock


Our Products

Label printing by Weber Marking Systems

We are a label manufacturer and will produce your labels at our in-house production facilities in Germany. We have a plethora of materials, adhesives and tools at our disposal and large storage capacities, for customised production and fast delivery.

Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are true high-performance artists: Hundreds of millions of these are used daily as carriers for information or advertising on products and packaging. They serve to trace goods, may contain important consumer information or may even optimise logistics. They are also commonly called ‘stickers‘.

The requirements for the label will often change as the product changes. Whilst pull-off labels should be easy to peel off, other adhesive labels should stay firmly stuck for several years. Many issues should be taken into account in your selection. Especially the proper adhesive is a science in itself. We have the know-how needed to supply the industrial labels to satisfy your specific needs. Weber Marking Systems will offer you customised adhesive labels for all your industrial applications!

We will supply the following finished labels on your request:

  • colour printed or blank
  • on rolls, on sheets or leporello folded
  • perforated, punched or slit
  • sequentially numbered

Overview of label types

Different types of labels are available for different applications, such as:

  • Foil labels
  • GHS labels (for hazardous substances)
  • Heat-resistant labels
  • Inkjet labels
  • Carton labels
  • Adhesive labels
  • Food-safe labels
  • Food labels
  • Peel-off labels
  • Tyre labels
  • Tear-resistant labels

Labels on a roll – for label printers and labelling machines

You will need labels on a roll for industrial label printers and for fully or semi-automatic labelling machines. Label rolls are threaded in to then print the labels and/or dispense them onto the desired surface. Label rolls allow faster labelling than labelling from sheets. We offer labels on rolls for all standard label printers such as Zebra, Sato, Datamax, etc.