How has Weber provided solutions in Security? 

Brace your data and security with Weber printer arrangements that fuse standardized identification, radio recurrence recognizable proof (RFID) and brand-assurance choices. Use Weber Security ID card printers to make representative ID cards and guest identifications with a scope of security highlight choices and RFID encoding to enhance access control frameworks. Weber Brand-Protection Solutions fuse alter obvious names with unmistakable and secretive security components to check the genuineness of items, archives or tickets. From structures to capital hardware to document envelopes, Weber helps you to ensure your kin, offices and resources.

Security is a top priority today

Enhance your association’s security with Weber’s propelled ID card arrangements. Battle card forging and unapproved modifications with levels of customisable security components offered through Weber’s card printers, pre-printed cards with inherent security elements, and True Secure™ covers. Weber’s card printers work with a mixture of card-based access accreditations, including nearness, attractive stripe, savvy cards and RFID. For higher card security and solidness, include covers inserted with clear, undercover and measurable elements.


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