Covid 19 Vaccination Labelling

Weber meets the upcoming challenges of Covid 19 Vaccination Labelling

The development of COVID-19 vaccinations is driving pharmaceutical companies to find proven and pre-tested solutions for vaccine labelling. How to quickly distribute deep freeze stored next-generation vaccine platforms as mass vaccinations?

To get ahead of this rising demand, you must avoid common pitfalls and make the right label material choices.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) together with the Member States, in the context of the Quality Review of Documents group, have developed a Questions and Answers document with the aim to provide operational guidance on labelling flexibilities for COVID-19 vaccines. The topics addressed in the document are primarily based on the European Commission’s Memorandum of Understanding with Member States on regulatory flexibility for COVID-19 vaccines; in addition, a number of these topics are stemming from numerous questions received from COVID-19 vaccine developers in the course of the last few months. This important document controls the way in which companies can label and identify their vaccination products and compliance requirements given the urgency of the distribution of the vaccine. This document covers the area of traceability and QR Codes and acceptable Barcode Symbologies.

Weber Packaging Solutions for your Covid Labelling Projects

As an essential business, Weber’s labelling products are a key component of a vital supply chain focused on supporting medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare organizations.  These important sectors of the scientific community, along with many others, play a critical role in the detection and containment of the virus.

Suppliers of vaccinations and solutions used in these applications demand special storage and transportation requirements in order to preserve their product in a stable environment.  Label performance in these cold temperatures is of critical importance for biological and pharmaceutical products that are preserved by cooling in low, sub-zero temperatures.  Labels must also be applied to a variety of containers, including tubes and vials in most cases demanding high speed Labelling Systems and verification solutions.

Weber Packaging draws upon cold chain and cryogen expertise to provide durable label solutions designed for applications ranging from room temperature to storage in deep-freeze environments.  Labels work with plastic and glass containers delivering reliable tight mandrel performance.  With demand for these products continuing to grow at a rapid pace during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Weber supports customers with timely production and shipping of critical labels.

Our Printing Possibilities are endless, with pre-printed product as needed and critical color matching for branding purposes.  Added security features to deter counterfeiting.  When it comes to digital printing choose microtext font for an additional level of authenticity and security.  To the naked eye microtext appears as a thin line and is only legible when using a magnifying glass or loop.  When attempting to reproduce the font, it will lose its resolution and appear as a dotted line.  Finally, add variable information on-demand via thermal transfer printer and DuraPrint II ribbon for ultimate image performance.

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