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In the world of card printing, it’s important to consider the available options and choose the right card printer that meets your specific needs. At Weber Packaging Solutions, we understand the diverse requirements of businesses and offer a range of card printers with unique features and capabilities. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective simplicity or high-quality durability, we have the ideal printing solution for you. When it comes to printing plastic cards, there are several types of card printers available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. At Weber Packaging Solutions, we offer three main types of card printers: direct-to-card printers, retransfer card printers, and laminating card printers.

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  • Cost-effectiveness In-House Printing Options
  • Track Card Usage Data To Gain Customer Insight
  • Enhanced Security Features to protect against fraud
  • Custom-print cards to promote your unique brand identity
  • Fast print turnaround for prompt card delivery

Our Products

Card Printing Options

card printingDirect-to-Card Printers

Direct-to-card printers, also known as dye-sublimation card printers, print images directly onto the surface of a plastic card. This type of card printing is a cost-effective option for printing simple designs and basic information onto cards. Direct-to-card printers are best suited for applications such as printing employee ID cards, membership cards, or loyalty cards.

Retransfer Card Printers

Retransfer card printers use a two-step card printing process to produce high-quality, edge-to-edge card printing. The first step involves printing the image onto a clear film that is then transferred to the card in the second step. This type of card printer produces high-quality, durable cards that are resistant to wear and tear. Retransfer card printing is best suited for applications such as printing access control cards, student ID cards, or membership cards.

Laminating Card Printers

Laminating card printers use a heat transfer process to apply a protective overlay onto the surface of a printed card. This overlay provides an additional layer of protection against fading, scratching, and other types of damage. This type of card printing is best suited for applications such as printing driver’s licenses, government ID cards, or healthcare ID cards.

Each type of card printing has its own unique set of features and capabilities. At Weber Packaging Solutions, we can help you choose the right type of card printer for your specific application and budget.


Card Printing Applications 

Card printers are an essential tool for creating high-quality, durable plastic cards for a variety of applications. Here are some of the applications for which our card printers are commonly used:

card printingEmployee ID Cards

Employee ID cards are an important tool for identifying employees and controlling access to secure areas within a business. Our card printers can produce durable, high-quality ID cards that feature employee photos, barcodes, magnetic stripes, and other security features.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are used by organizations such as gyms, clubs, and libraries to track membership status and grant access to exclusive benefits. Our card printers can create customized membership cards that feature unique numbering, barcodes, and other security features.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an effective tool for increasing sales and promoting brand awareness. Our card printers can produce gift cards that feature custom branding and are compatible with a variety of point-of-sale systems.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a popular tool for incentivizing repeat business and rewarding loyal customers. Our card printers can produce loyalty cards that feature unique numbering and barcodes, allowing businesses to easily track customer activity and offer rewards.

Event Badges

Event badges are used by organizers of conferences, trade shows, and other events to control access and identify attendees. Our card printers can produce event badges that feature unique numbering, barcodes, and custom branding.

In addition to these applications, our card printers can be used to create a variety of other types of cards, including access control cards, transit passes, and more. With a Weber card printer, businesses can easily produce high-quality, durable cards that meet their unique needs and requirements.

Features of Card Printers

card printingWhen it comes to card printers, there are a variety of features available that can enhance the functionality and security of your printed cards. At Weber Packaging Solutions, we offer a range of features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

One important feature of card printers is encoding options. This allows for data to be stored on the card, such as a magnetic stripe or smart chip, which can be used for access control or other purposes. At Weber, we offer encoding options such as magnetic stripe encoding, contact and contactless smart card encoding, and RFID encoding.

Security features are also crucial when printing cards, especially for applications such as employee IDs or access control. Our card printers offer security features such as holographic overlays, ultraviolet printing, and custom watermarks, which can help to prevent counterfeiting and tampering.

Connectivity options are another important consideration when choosing a card printer. Our card printing options offer a range of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, which can make it easy to integrate your card printer into your existing network and manage it remotely.

Other features that are available on our card printers include edge-to-edge card printing, dual-sided card printing, and laminating capabilities, which can help to improve the durability and longevity of your cards. With so many features available, it’s important to choose a card printer that has the options you need for your specific applications. At Weber, we can help you choose the right card printer and customize it to meet your needs.

Card Printing Maintenance & Support

card printing

Card printing is an essential tool for many businesses, used to create ID cards, loyalty cards, and other types of plastic cards. To keep your card printer running smoothly and ensure high-quality prints, regular maintenance is required. In addition, having access to reliable support is important in case any issues arise.

Weber Packaging Solutions understands the importance of maintenance and support for their card printers. We offer a range of services to help their customers keep their card printers in top condition. These services include:

Maintenance Contracts

Weber offers maintenance contracts that cover preventative maintenance and repair services. These contracts help customers ensure their card printers are always running at peak performance, and can help avoid unexpected downtime.

Technical Support

Weber’s technical support team is available to assist customers with any issues they encounter with their card printers. The team is knowledgeable and responsive, and can help customers troubleshoot problems over the phone or via email.


Weber offers training programs to help customers learn how to use their card printers effectively. These programs can help customers avoid common mistakes and get the most out of their card printers.

In addition to these services, Weber also offers a range of resources on our website to help customers with their card printers. These resources include user manuals,, and how-to videos.

When choosing a card printer, it’s important to consider the maintenance and support options that are available. With Weber’s range of services and resources, customers can feel confident that they will receive the support they need to keep their card printers running smoothly.

Card Printing Customization Options 

card printingCustomization options are an essential feature of card printing and can help businesses create cards that meet their specific needs. With Weber Packaging Solutions’ card printers, businesses can easily add logos, text, and images to their cards, enhancing branding and improving security.

One of the most significant benefits of customization options is the ability to create a unique card that stands out from the crowd. This can be particularly useful for businesses that want to create branded cards, such as membership cards or loyalty cards. By adding their logo, business name, and other relevant information, they can create a card that represents their brand and makes it easy for customers to identify them.

Customisation options also play a critical role in improving security. By adding personalised information to each card, businesses can create a card that is unique to each individual. This can include photos, barcodes, and other identifying information that can help prevent fraud and unauthorized use.

With Weber’s card printing solutions, businesses can easily customize their cards using a variety of options. This includes the ability to print in full color, add text and logos, and even include encoded data such as magnetic stripes or smart chips. These customization options are available for a variety of card types, including ID cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards.

In addition to enhancing branding and improving security, customization options can also help businesses save time and money. With In-house card printing, businesses can avoid the costs and delays associated with ordering pre-printed cards from an outside supplier. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to print cards on-demand or frequently update their card designs.

Card Printing Sustainability Considerations 

As businesses become increasingly aware of their environmental impact, sustainability has become an important consideration when choosing a card printer. At Weber Packaging Solutions, we recognize the importance of reducing our environmental footprint, and we offer a range of sustainable card printing solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

One important aspect of sustainable card printing is the use of eco-friendly materials. We offer PVC-free and biodegradable card options that are made from sustainable materials such as corn and potato starch. These materials have a lower environmental impact than traditional PVC cards and can be composted at the end of their life.

Another important factor in sustainable card printing is the use of eco-friendly printing practices. We use vegetable-based inks in our card printing process, which are less harmful to the environment than traditional petroleum-based inks. We also employ efficient printing processes to minimize waste and reduce our energy consumption.

At Weber Packaging Solutions, we are committed to providing sustainable card printing solutions that meet the needs of our customers and help to protect the environment. If you’re looking for a card printer that prioritizes sustainability, we invite you to explore our eco-friendly card options and learn more about our recycling program.