Machine Vision

Optimise Start & End of Line Operations

In fast-moving, high-pressure production environments, efficient start and end-of-line operations are essential. You need to ensure that the right products arrive at the right place at the right time – to ensure everything is as it should be as items proceed on their way.

Innovative and automated scanning technology from Weber provides trusted performance for the identification, measuring, tracking, and inspection of items from production through distribution.

Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision solutions from Weber are affordable, flexible, and easy to deploy. They offer simple monitoring and management via an intuitive unified software platform – and increase efficiencies in warehousing environments.

  • Ensure barcode readability
  • Provide end-to-end verification
  • Accelerate production processes
  • Increase efficiency
  • Decrease downtime
  • Streamline workflows
  • Improve accuracy
  • Reduce risk


Save Time, Effort and Cost While Improving Productivity

Automatic identification and end-to-end tracking of items is key to operational efficiency. Automation makes life significantly easier in each of these areas. That’s why we’re collaborating with Zebra Technologies to deliver unrivalled print and apply systems, barcode labelling solutions and in-line scanning that enables smooth, seamless productivity.

Whether you need to check a tote, read a pallet code, ensure a product has been transported to the correct area, or ensure the type and presence of every item in a stillage, automated labelling and sensor-based scanning systems can verify and validate everything for you. This can deliver significant time and cost savings. When it comes to repetitive tasks, automated systems will always give you an edge.


Why Verification and Validation are Critically Important

However, with fewer eyes on the line, you have to be able to safeguard your business against errors that could lead to downtime, costly corrections – and reputational damage. Without natural checkpoints in the production process, in-line verification and validation become critical to quality assurance and reliable supply chain logistics. Weber’s collaboration with Zebra delivers the intelligent, innovative, and fully integrated automated barcode labelling systems and scanning solutions you need.

A Smarter Solution to Streamline Production

Weber’s in line data capture solutions are designed to fully integrate with production line equipment and in-line scanning and camera devices, as well as your corporate infrastructure. We provide end-to-end barcode quality control – from initial generation of the code to verification after its application and logging of the completed event.

The barcode information that drives our solutions is captured by Zebra’s innovative and automated Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision solutions. These devices provide trusted performance for the identification, measurement, tracking and inspection of items from production right through to distribution.

Within any start and end of line operation, using Fixed Industrial Scanners will streamline repetitive scanning tasks. And with Zebra’s devices purposefully designed to flex and grow with your business, you can easily enhance these same cameras with Machine Vision capabilities via a quick and simple software upgrade. This enables you to benefit from advanced imaging and sensing technology, without investing in new hardware – and without having to switch between software applications.

Optimal Versatility Enhances Efficiency and Quality Control

Thanks to their dual capability and compatibility with our solutions, Zebra’s smart cameras make quick work of both code reading and more sophisticated visual inspections, as required.

You can mount a Fixed industrial Scanner on a production line, for example, to automatically scan a pallet or stillage as it approaches a location. Reading the barcode on the side of the pallet verifies that the right parts have arrived at the right point in the process.

Add the power of Machine Vision to your scanners (via a remotely managed software upgrade) and you can instantly take advantage of more advanced inspection applications. Now you can use the same camera to also check for the presence of the pallet wrapping, for example. Has it already been removed, so the contents are accessible to be loaded onto the production line? The same check can be repeated at the end of the line, before robotic destacking, to ensure processed items are properly prepared to pass on to the next job in the workflow.

Machine Vision can additionally be used, in conjunction with barcode validation, to confirm that contents being lifted out of the totes on a stillage are what they are meant to be – or to reject an item if it doesn’t exactly match ‘target image’ parameters. The inspection functionality can also be programmed to alert production line supervisors to issues such as pallet wraps, unexpected item shapes or misalignment on a conveyor causing potential blockages, for example.

All of this versatility is enabled via a winning combination of industry leading barcoding automation solutions, decoding algorithms and camera performance that helps enhance quality control and increase efficiencies while minimising downtime, wastage and operational risk.

Single Software Platform for Labelling, Scanning and Device Management

Weber provides a configurable software interface that integrates with Zebra’s advanced Aurora™ device management platform and all its Machine Vision smart cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners, pulling everything into one easy-to-manage platform for you.

Better still, our extensive experience enables us to combine it with your existing ERP/MRP systems. This brings your optimised start and end of line operations to life in a joined-up solution that will deliver clear advantages for your business.