Sustainable Labels

Greenwise Program

Weber Packaging Solution’s UK Greenwise Program is shared asset drawing together the information of Weber and its suppliers with a common goal to reduce waste and landfill and by using sustainable source materials.

Weber’s GreenWise program is an effort to challenge professionals in the packaging industry to become more observant, knowledgeable and committed towards greater environmental stewardship

“Across our company and around the world, our employees, suppliers and customers are finding new ways to be a force for good”



All labels and packaging materials delivered by Weber are created inside of the structure of the worldwide standard ISO14001 for Environmental Management Systems.

To that end, we offer a number of sustainable label products, including renewable films and papers, 100 percent post-consumer waste papers, dissolvable and repulpable papers, soy-based inks, and more.

Contact us for more information and to keep up on the latest releases of sustainable materials for labeling.


Sustainable Label Tips

• 30% Post Consumer Waste label material is derived from recycled paper waste.
• Repulpable Paper can be ground up and repulped along with the corrugated it was on to create a new label stock or board.
• Soy-based nks are entirely natural and eco-friendly. They come from a renewable source.
• Renewable Paper & Films are produced with corn-based products.

• Your label should include a reference to your label materials to show you are using sustainable products.
• A QR code on your label can link your customer to information (video, web page, blog) about your sustainable efforts.