Label Solutions

Industry-Wide Labels for all Purposes

Cost-effective, versatile, durable

On close inspection you will realise that labels are high performance products. Billions of self-adhesive labels are used for data capture and company branding in production, logistics and manufacturing. They may be applied to track or trace goods, optimise workflow, identify and brand products or offer the consumer important information. Inevitably the demands made on the label will change with every product.

Whether a label serves as a routing barcode on a postal item or whether it is applied for identification of vehicle components, where it should remain in position and legible for the next 10 years, this all makes a difference. Whether blank labels for post-printing, labels with product information, brand labels with sophisticated graphic designs or RFID capable labels: Weber Packaging Solutions offer a wide range of labels for any application or environment. Regardless of the labelling task at hand, it is preceded by careful analysis. Labelling material and adhesives are closely matched to the substrate for the label. Individual layouts may also be proposed for any desired label

We can offer you numerous labelling solutions to perfectly match your application. Label materials and adhesives are constantly improving through our innovations. Talk to us – we know the market better than most!


Colour labels

Multi-colour printed labels 

High-quality labels will enhance your product. Meticulously produced to your design and specifications. Label dispensers apply the labels automatically and consistently.

PrePrinted Labels

Pre-printed labels

Many sectors of industry require labels with frequently changing text. The labels are pre-printed in colour and the variable data are printed on site, “just in time” without a problem, using label printers or print dispensing systems.

 BlankStock Labels

Blank Stock labels

These are the basic label stocks used for marking in all sectors to ensure traceability and documentation of products and packaging. Blank labels are subsequently marked using the thermal direct or thermal transfer process.

Durable and Security Labels

Durable and Security labels

These may be water, oil, grease or heat resistant, depending on requirement,also meeting requirements for shelf life and durability, as needed. Safety and counterfeit-proof labels help manufacturers ensure product traceability.


Our production uses virtually 100% environmentally friendly inks for printing. The large selection of label materials assures the end customer of mono-material recycling, e.g. by using PE labels on PE products.

Many tons of silicone-coated carrier paper are collected each year and passed on for recycling, corresponding to a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 100 tons p.a.