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From use in car engines to product identification on store shelves, automotive labels face a range of challenges. The best ones are durable enough to survive a complete use lifecycle, clear enough to communicate key information to consumers and distinct enough to enhance your branding. From OEM parts to consumer goods, we’ve created labels for the most recognizable automotive brands. And we’re familiar with the many complexities of automotive labels.

Specialty capabilities for specialty automotive labels

We can print a range of stock materials using a variety of adhesives so you can create nearly any look on even the toughest surfaces. With our printing capabilities, we can deliver:

  • Digital labels that allow variable data printing (VDP) for custom product part number, UTQG rating and other information
  • Flexible printing processes and lamination that prevents damage for packages containing petroleum distillates and other automotive liquids
  • Flexible label materials for products that come in squeezable or flexible containers
  • Labels that wrap around your container as a closure to provide a built-in, tamper-evident safety measure
  • Top coats that chemically resist automotive liquids and materials so your labels last and remain legible throughout a full product lifecycle
  • Tire labels with extra durable adhesive



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