How On-Demand Colour Labels Can Reinforce Your Brand & Boost Sales

Would you like to improve the image your company presents to your customers? Would you like to show buyers how your product works or reinforce your brand? Would you like to reduce your inventory of preprinted colour labels? You can achieve these goals and much more by moving to on-demand colour labels.

Advantages of on-demand colour labels include reinforcing your brand image, enabling colour images, logos, and more, permitting last-minute design changes, eliminating pre-printed colour label inventory, emphasizing important information and warnings, reducing labor and waste, and promoting special offers.

In today’s market, traditional black text or barcode thermal transfer colour labels for tags, tickets and wristbands aren’t enough to compete with the most sophisticated manufacturing and logistic operations. Modern Manufacturers purchase preprinted colour media and add the variable data in black.

But is it the best option for your business?  With the development of on demand colour label printers, companies can produce colour labels, tags, tickets and wristbands in colour . But why should companies make the change to colour ?  What are the benefits of on demand colour labels?


The 7 Advantages of On-Demand Colour Labels:


Reinforces Your Brand Image

One of the biggest advantages of on-demand colour labels is that they reinforce your brand image. Companies spend liberally each year building and strengthening their brand and brand image.  But companies spend very little money on one interaction that almost every member of their channel and final customer have with their products; labels.  By adding a coloured image, logo or text, you can make your product more memorable and attention grabbing. Simply ask yourself; which colour label looks better?

colour labelscolour labels


Permits Last Minute Design Changes

Pre-Printed colour labels require a large minimum purchase quantity of labels.  This large purchase quantity may enable volume discounts, but it may also means waste when label changes or edits are required.  With on demand labelling, you can make changes at the last possible moment; reducing the overall costs of your colour labels.


Emphasizes Important Information & Warnings

By using colour, you can emphasize important information such as shipping information, staging information, warnings and more on your colour labels.


Enables Colour Images, Logos & More

Acolour labelsnother advantage of on-demand colour labels is that they enable colour images, logos and more. You can make your product stand out on the shelves with eye-catching coloured images on your packaging. Not only does it make it easier for customers to identify your product, but it also gives them a clear idea of what they can expect. With clear, colour images, you can showcase the size, shape and other important features of your product, building trust and confidence with customers.


Eliminates Pre-Printed, Colour Label Inventory

Many manufacturers spend a great deal of money placing an image of their product on the container.  However, if you have thousands of SKU’s, it may be difficult and expensive to keep an inventory of preprinted colour labels for each SKU.  With on demand printing, a manufacturer can print a colour label with an image as needed, and reduce their inventory of preprinted colour labels as well as reduce the cost of labor to pick the correct colour labels, replace colour label stock and fix mistakes.


Reduces Labour & Waste

When using preprinted colour labels, an employee of a company must look for the colour label, pick the correct colour label, apply the correct colour label and place the colour label stock back in the correct location. Replacing this antiquated process with on-demand labelling has saved numerous businesses on labor costs to make their operation more productive.


Promotes Special Offers

Want to make your special offers stand out? Try using colour labels. With colour, you can turn the interaction your distribution and customers have with your colour label into a marketing and sales opportunity with little to no incremental cost. A bright and bold colour label can catch the customer’s eye, drawing their attention to your special offer. With a colour label, your offer will be hard to miss, making it more likely to be noticed and acted upon.

Imagine a customer is walking down the aisle of a grocery store and sees your product with a bright colour label, highlighting your offer. It’s immediately clear that this product is different from the others and that there’s a special deal available. The customer is more likely to be drawn to the product and make a purchase.


Ready For Growth?

Why not give it a try? Add a pop of colour to your labels and watch your offers soar. Upgrade your packaging today and start seeing results! Is it worth the change to add colour to your labels, tags, tickets and wristbands? We believe the answer is yes!

Contact us today for further support & guidance on your journey towards on demand, colour labelling.