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Alpha HSM: A High-Speed Labeling Applicator in a Modular Design

No two packaging lines are the same these days, with many companies demanding more flexibility for new automated labeling equipment to fit their existing production lines. So Weber has come up with a solution – a new label applicator that can be configured to fit just about any packaging line. The Alpha HSM (High-Speed-Modular) label applicator is our […]

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DataMatrix code – the “better” barcode?

  Whether at the supermarket checkout, in production or in warehouse distribution centres: barcodes are used in trade as well as in industry and logistics in order to be able to record and process data electronically. Automatic identification is not only faster than manual identification, but is also much less prone to errors. There are different types of barcodes. They can be divided […]

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Sustainable and cost-effective solutions for weigh scale food, logistic and mobile printing applications

Demand for thin, film-based products is changing the face of the release liner market. And as the label industry grows and evolves, so too does the release liner market. Suppliers are adapting to the latest trends, and manufacturing products accordingly. A push for improved sustainability is another market driver,  reducing waste through thinner caliper material, lowering transportation […]

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