Touch-Screen Label Print Station

Touch-Screen Print Station

The 15″ LCD print station comes preloaded with Weber’s exclusive Legitronic® Labelling Software, a user- friendly package that makes it easy to format labels with alphanumeric text, bar codes and graphic images. In addition, the unit includes custom front-end software that permits operators to use the touch-screen to choose and print those […]

Weber’s GHS Labeling Software

Weber GHS Labelling Software

Many GHS software programs assist the client in setting up their label formats by pulling in hazard & precautionary statements from publicly available data tables.  But this is only helpful if you are producing a product with 100% concentration of a given CAS – classified chemical.  Many manufacturers use custom blends […]

Legitronic® Labeling Software

Legitronic® Labelling Software

Weber’s Legitronic Labelling Software offers many advanced features to simplify label creation – but that’s just the beginning. Our exclusive software also provides powerful information tools that integrate with other applications to streamline an entire operation.

Flexible Design Features

Single-screen user interface
•WYSIWYG design screens
• Simple point-and-click operation
• Graphics compatibility with BMP, EPS, JPEG, PCX, WMF, TIFF, […]

Inventory Management Suite/Goods Receipt


Goods Receipt is a complete, fully customizable solution. A delivery list contains all information about the deliveries to be checked. This list is downloadable from a host PC via cradle or Wi-Fi.

The delivery list can contain multiple delivery notes. The operator selects the desired note to start the goods receipt control process.

Three colour codes […]

EasyGo! Support Ticket


EasyGo!SupportTicket allows to report incidence tickets in a few clicks:

Create a new support ticket (a unique ticket ID will be created automatically).
Optionally, enter customer related data (name, contact data, additional information…)

Finally, upload the reported incident tickets to the host via cradle or WiFi.




EasyGo! Meter Reading


EasyGo! Meter Reading allows you to check and read the meters of your enterprise, with or without barcode labels.

EasyGo! Meter Reading allows you to guide the operator by using predefined routes loaded from the host. Even when using predefined routes, if enabled in parameters, the operator will be able to read metering devices that […]

EasyGo! BedSideOrder


EasyGo!BedSideOrder will assist the nurse in the process of creating the meal orders at the bedside in a hospital.

To start off, the nurse will enter the patient ID code, with or without barcode labels. The application will show on the screen the information related to the patient (name, age, gender…). Also, an observations field will be […]

EasyGo! PriceMark-Down


Wasting hours and hours to execute price markdowns?

Tired of re-entering your price changes into your POS software?

Want to increase customer satisfaction with a up to date price-tags on your products?

Easily Go For  EasyGo!PriceMark-Down AppSource application as it allows for checking any type of stock, reset the price and print new price labels on a […]

EasyGo! ProductCheckPro


EasyGo!ProductCheckPro allows you to check any type of stock, with or without barcodes labels. The properties related to the product that will be showed are customizable for each customer.


The operator can easily identify the article in stock. Once identified, the operator can check all the information available for the item, such as price, batch […]

LABELS on the GO!


LABELS on the GO!  is a flexible software application that makes printing labels in a mobile environment easy and operator friendly.  Never again will you have to preprint and waste labels because of lack of access to your data and a label printer.


A local database of information, the Data Master, can contain up to […]

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