EasyGo! BedSideOrder


From the patient’s hospital bedside straight to the kitchens with EasyGo! BedSideOrder! Use this quick and easy application to help your nursing staff take meal orders from the patient’s bedside and send them straight to the hospital’s kitchens in just a few simple clicks. Safeguards can be applied to help the nurses avoid meal options that could be harmful for the patient, and comments can be added to individual orders.


EasyGo!BedSideOrder will assist the nurse in the process of creating the meal orders at the bedside in a hospital.

To start off, the nurse will enter the patient ID code, with or without barcode labels. The application will show on the screen the information related to the patient (name, age, gender…). Also, an observations field will be shown. It can be used to have extra information about the health or preferences of the patient.

Select the meal service to place the order and ask the patient about his preferences. Choose the dishes from the available menu to order them. Before the final confirmation, the nurse can add additional notes. These notes can be preferences or additional needs of the patient.

It is possible to associate incompatibility parameters (diabetes, celiac disease, hypertension…) to the patient ID. These incompatibility parameters can also be associated to meals, so they will not appear as an option when selecting the dishes for the menu.

It is necessary to load patient and meals information before starting to work. Once the operation is concluded, the nurse will be able to upload the data to the server.









Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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