HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Hewlett Packard is a printhead suitable for marking almost any product at high resolution.

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  • very high reliability and safety under operational conditions
    the cartridge and the complete printhead are exchanged simultaneously.
    This guarantees consistent typeface quality.
  • high printing speeds in barcode quality
    up to 180 m/minute at 300 dpi resolution (maximum 300 m/minute)
  • brilliant print image
    with ink cartridges (thermo inkjet) of consistent quality, up to 600 dpi resolution (at 45 m/minute), achieved by ejecting tiny, accurately placed droplets from hundreds of minute nozzles at very high frequency.
  • maintenance-free and simple operation
    with patented Click´n Print cartridge replacement system. Cartridge installation is clean and simple.
  • high flexibility
    by deploying several HP printheads. Print heights of maximum 12.5 mm to 100 mm are possible, and layouts are freely configurable. Multi-sided coding of packaging on two sides (top, side or at different production lines). Virtually all porous and non-porous surfaces can be marked, depending on ink type. Distance of printhead to product surface ranging from 0.5 to 5 mm.
  • highly economical
    low operating costs but also high availability through simple and clean ink exchange, zero maintenance, immediate write response and uninterrupted operation.
  • simple installation
    by dint of very compact design, with 3 different printhead types available

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Available Documents

    Weber Legi-Air 4050E – Precision Labelling System

    Based on a modular construction the Weber 4050E is capable of numerous methods to print and apply a label. The design comprises a feeder module, a printing module, label winder and unwinder with numerous applicator types. The standard Tamp-Blow system has a quick-change system for changing the tamp pad which significantly reduces the changeover time to other label formats.

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    Model 5300 Series Pail/Drum Label Printer-Applicator

    The fully-automatic system that quickly and accurately prints and applies labels to pails or drums on the production line.

    Fully automatic pail/drum labelling system
    Ideal for rough production conditions
    High-grade label printing in a single operation
    Prints and applies labels up to 7″ x 14″
    Labels up to 30 products per minute
    Print resolution up to 600 dpi
    All conventional data interfaces
    Service interval display
    Display controller for simple operation
    Easy integration
    CE certification

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    Axicon 7025-S Barcode Verifier

    The Axicon 7025-S verifier is designed for all barcodes where an 8, 10 or 20mil aperture is mandatory (such as GS1-128 and ITF-14), up to 195mm width including quiet zones. The simple to use design reduces user error and eliminates product damage whilst providing the highest level of accuracy achievable for verification.

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    Zebra CS4070

    CS4070_Motorola Handheld scanner

    Zebra CS4070


    The ideal companion for tablets and more, this affordable pocket-sized device offers our most advanced barcode scanning technology, able to capture virtually any barcode, in any condition, in the time it takes to press the trigger.

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