EasyGo! Meter Reading


Fully customizable tool to read your customers metering devices: gas, power, water… Any kind of metering device can be checked. Manage the meters of your company with just a few clicks. Optionally, use predefined routes to guide your operator (meter devices out of the route can be processed also). Finally, use the device camera to take a photo of the meter: a picture is worth a thousand words!


EasyGo! Meter Reading allows you to check and read the meters of your enterprise, with or without barcode labels.

EasyGo! Meter Reading allows you to guide the operator by using predefined routes loaded from the host. Even when using predefined routes, if enabled in parameters, the operator will be able to read metering devices that he finds out of the route.

Using predefined routes is optional. If it isn’t necessary, just keep it simple and the let the operator read metering devices without guiding.

When reading a metering device, you can take a picture to have evidence of the information registered. Use of the camera is optional and only available on certain devices – check www.myappsource.com to find out the supported devices. Several configurations are available for camera usage. These include: picture is optional, picture is mandatory …

When the readings are completed, and the host is available, the meter readings and related pictures will be ready to be uploaded, via cradle or WiFi, to the host.



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  • Spanish



Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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