Markoprint Integra Ultimate

The innovative Integra Ultimate thermal inkjet printer not only provides IP65 protection against dust and moisture, but it also closes and cleans the nozzle plate at each pause. This system ensures that the printing is always clean, with faultless results even after extended breaks. As a result, the ink cartridges’ open times are multiplied many times. Two HP Class thermal inkjet ink cartridges can be used with the print head. As a result, the system produces beautiful prints with a maximum height of 25 mm.

Integra Ultimate


Thermal inkjet printer with immense open times and 25 mm print height


        • IP65 protection for use in harsh environments


        • Self-closing during downtime, prevents drying of ink


        • Automatic cleaning of the nozzle plate with every opening and closing of the print head


        • Ink cartridges do not have to be removed during downtime


        • Instant faultless prints after several days of standstill


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