EasyGo! ProductCheckPro


Manage your stock by checking the properties of your products and verifying they are correct. Alert, by incidents, the failures of the products checked. Send the incident report to the server to solve it or to have a movement report. Finally, print product related labels from your handheld device via cable, WiFi or Bluetooth.


EasyGo!ProductCheckPro allows you to check any type of stock, with or without barcodes labels. The properties related to the product that will be showed are customizable for each customer.


The operator can easily identify the article in stock. Once identified, the operator can check all the information available for the item, such as price, batch number, and expiration date; or any property that has been customized.


Once the product has been identified, a label can be printed from the handheld device by cable, wifi or Bluetooth if available on the device.  It’s possible to use several label formats, so the user will be able to choose the right label to print if more than one label format is available (for example, location label, price label…)


One label format is supplied with the solution as a sample (DPL) but it’s possible to supply additional formats to have the specific label required by the customer needs (size, printer model, information showed in the label, logo…).


EasyGo!ProductCheckPro needs a master file with all product codes in stock to be checked. It’s also recommended to provide an EAN master file and Incident master, to have a more complete and versatile application, but it’s not mandatory.


EasyGo!ProductCheckPro allows the operator to review any product, introducing an incident (for example, the price is incorrect), or a comment/suggestion (the description is too short). When the checking is finished, the incidents report will be ready to be uploaded, via cradle or WiFi, to the host.


If an incident master is provided, you can choose the description of the incident more appropriate and introduce any additional note. But if it is not provided, you can enter any comment or incidence note (free text).


Plus, if the host system is accessible from the device over WiFi network, an image of the article can also be displayed.









Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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