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LABELS on the GO! provides you with the ability to print labels from a database of information, which resides on a Mobile Device, then prints to a Mobile Label Printer. Flexible configuration allows the user to design custom label formats that can include linear or two dimensional bar codes. Also defined by the user is a database of multiple data elements to drive label printing. Use LABELS on the GO! when labels are needed and you do not have access to your host system or when you need to print new labels that are not currently available from your application software.


LABELS on the GO!  is a flexible software application that makes printing labels in a mobile environment easy and operator friendly.  Never again will you have to preprint and waste labels because of lack of access to your data and a label printer.


A local database of information, the Data Master, can contain up to 9 user defined data elements.  A data element has no defined size, so each can be as large or small as required.  These data elements can be derived from a single data source (i.e. Item File) or from multiple data sources (i.e. Item File, Shipping File, etc.)


There can be up to 9 custom Label Formats.  Custom formats allow for printing multiple label styles.  Additionally, different printer manufacturer’s mobile label printers can be used which have different printer command languages.


During setup, you define a Field Name to be associated with each of the data elements you plan to use in the Data Master.  Along with the Field Name, you specify whether the data is Fixed or Variable.  Variable data elements can be changed at print time prior to printing a label.  The Field Name is then used in the Label Format file to represent data that will be replaced at print time.


Cumbersome cables will not interfere with your productivity as communication between the Mobile Device and Mobile Label Printer utilizes Bluetooth. Please ensure your selected equipment supports Bluetooth.


LABELS on the GO! is fully configured by the user.  It can be used very simply or with a little planning accommodate a more detailed design.  Either way, LABELS on the GO! can solve most of you mobile label printing needs.





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