Electric Rewinder Model GLR-50

  • Auto-switching Universal Power
  • Supply for immediate adaptability anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with all Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printers
  • Electronic Speed Control will automatically synchronise winding speed to the speed of your printer
  • Provides passive winding without skewing print or barcodes on your labels
  • Rewind from 2.5cm to 25cm per second
  • Easily handles labels from 2.5cm to 10cm wide
  • Wind labels face in or face out
Electric Rewinder

Speed – 2.5 to 25.5 cm/sec
Roll Width – 2.5cm to 10.2 cm
Core Size – 7.6cm
Roll Diameter – 20.3 cm

Length – 25.5cm
Width – 25.5cm
Height – 21.5cm
Weight – 3.6kg
Electrical – 100 – 250 Volt 47 – 63Hz

Temperature – 5 to 40º

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Available Documents

Electric Rewinder Model GLR-50

    Alpha TIJ – Label dispenser Alpha with multifunctional inkjet-printer


    The Alpha TIJ comprises a label dispenser of the proven and renowned Alpha series and a thermal inkjet printer.


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    Electronic Hand Held Label Applicator Model LD 70

    Used directly from it’s own mains power supply or remotely from it’s rechargeable batteries, the LD70 can dispense and apply labels up to 65mm wide and there is no restriction on the maximum length.

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    Weber 114 One-Sided/Two-Sided Labelling System

    The brand-new Weber 114 system provides a simple, cost-effective solution to low volume labelling for applying labels to one or two sides of a straight-walled product or package. The Model 114 can be added to in-place production lines or operated manually as a stand-alone applicator.

    The Weber 114 is easy to use and can be set-up quickly. During application, labels are peeled away from the liner and securely attached to products using the wipe-on label applicators.

    The unit boasts robust steel construction making it perfect for lower-volume, intermittent labelling projects or multiple-shift larger-scale operations. This is a very reliable wipe-on application system that is built to last.

        • Applies label up to 6″ high x 12″ long
        • Handles up to 45 products/minute
        • Placement accuracy of 0.03″


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    Weber 5300 – Label printer and dispenser

    Legi-Air 5300 - Label printer and dispenser for all labelling tasks

    The new Legi-Air 5300 is a modular Label printer and dispenser distinguished by its extremely versatile applications and a very high operating run time. In addition, the system offers a high degree of operator-friendliness: the operator is supported in his work by several functions such as service interval or operating condition display.

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