The RF-Lite is a simple, low-cost offline coding system; ideal for companies looking to automate their date marking process for the first time. It also suits larger operators who are looking to install dedicated marking systems on multiple production lines.

Fitted with clean, thermal inkjet technology, the RF-Lite is ideal for printing
clear, concise date and batch codes onto sleeves and cartons.

The […]

RFID-Ready Label Printers and Label Printer-Applicators

RFID-Ready Label Printers & Label Printer-Applicators

RFID Ready models are modified for easy upgrade to a multi-protocol reader/encoder that supports EPC-compatible and other ultra-high-frequency (UHF) standards. The reader/encoder supports the RFID protocols that are most current at the time of installation and can be Flash-upgradeable to support future protocols.

RFID Ready products allow companies that are […]

Print, Code & Apply Flag Tag

Depending on application requirements, label formats from 20 x 5 mm to 180 x 350 mm can be processed, with up to 210 labels being dispensed per minute. The process may also include the optional “Bad Tag Reject” unit, to ensure that only error-free tags are applied.
An “Auto Flag Tag” dispenser is also available […]

Code & Apply

“Code & Apply” extends the possibilities: the LA 4050 delivers tags in a single automatic process quickly and precisely, thanks to reliable pneumatic technology from Festo combined with vacuum and pressure measurement. Potentially defective tags can be rejected by using the optional “Bad Tag Reject” unit.

Mobile Print & Ship and Online Print & Ship

“Mobile Print & Ship” uses an RFID desktop printer placed on a mobile trolley which can be used for a variety of production and logistics scenarios. Using this system, tags can be defined and printed locally at the product itself.
The operator first scans the pallet barcode, which is then transmitted to the printing unit. […]

Portable Print & Ship

Barcode content is automatically converted into an EPC (Electronic Product Code) and the data is immediately written to a tag, without a printing unit being required. “Handy Tags” ensure the process is both rapid and uncomplicated. In order to ensure satisfactory performance in later processing, even when using on metal surfaces and products containing […]

Model 5300 RFID Smart Label Printer-Applicator

Model 5300 RFID Label Printer-Applicator

Designed and engineered by Weber, this system provides high quality smart labelling that will meet the RFID supply chain requirements of major retailers and government agencies, and ensures precise label printing and application.

The Model 5300 RFID offers a selection of thermal/thermal-transfer print-encode engines that produce smart labels imprinted with text, bar […]

RFD5500 RFID Reader

Bring the benefits of RFID to your enterprise by adding industry-leading RFID technology to your MC55, MC65 or MC67 mobile computers. The versatile RFD5500 UHF RFID Sled transforms your mobile computer into a state-of-the-art RFID handheld reader that is at home in retail storefronts, carpeted business offices, […]

MC9190-Z Handheld Reader

MC9190-Z Key Features and Benefits
Multi-Modal Data Capture
Integrated RFID and bar code data capture in one rugged device provides lower total cost of ownership.

Greater Efficiency and Performance
Accurate, long-range RFID performance allows more frequent and more accurate inventory-count operations to better manage on-the-floor, back room and distribution inventory. So your customers can reduce out of […]

ZXP Series 7


Used For:

Medium-to-High Volume Applications
Secure ID & Access Control Cards
Retail & Hospitality Cards

Secure & Batch Issuance


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