Weber Legi-Air 4050E Generation 3 Print Apply System

The Weber Legi-Air 4050E Generation 3 is the latest offering by Weber Packaging Solutions of the 4050 Labelling Systems range. It has the reliability and modularity of its predecessor the LA4050E Version 2 but with on board Intelligence and an enhanced User Interface. In the design of this system Weber has focused on reliability, connectivity, efficiency, and versatility.

With over 15,000 Weber LA4050E Systems installed worldwide we have redesigned and enhanced our best selling product to bring you the latest generation of the 4050 Labelling Systems range. Using the latest technology the Generation 3 LA4050E provides all the reliability of its predecessor but with design features and enhanced connectivity which provides a universal solution to your automation needs.


System Design: The System is modular in design consisting of a powered unwinder, rewinder, applicator module and printer module, which reduces downtime in the unlikely event of a component failure. It has a lightweight chassis that is easy to reconfigure for integration into tight workspaces and easy access to components for shorter service intervals. The System has a pivoting U-Arm mounting which allows the system to be rotated on its X and Y axis for Top, Bottom, and Side Apply making it easy to reposition to suit your individual requirements.

Enhanced Connectivity: Weber’s Legi-Air 4050 E Gen3 is equipped with an optional Logic Controller and all necessary interfaces for automation, allowing to connect to other systems via Fieldbusses or OPC/UA. It comes with all of the standard communication interfaces for data transfer to the Print Engine and on board IOT to gather system data including an ultra-modern touchscreen display to make configuration and management more user-friendly.

Versatility: The System comes with a choice of Print Engines giving you flexibility in your choice of Printer and with this the added benefit of a choice of Print Resolutions from 200dpi to 600dpi to suit your printing needs. The system easily adapts to changes Product Surfaces with a choice of Label Application options and Label Sizes from 10mm x 5mm to 173mm x 350mm. Our Application Modules provide over 1800 configurations for Dual and Single Label options.

Efficiency: Our latest Generation 3 Systems all come with enhanced pneumatics that provide greater Labelling Accuracy at speeds of up to 400mm per second. The latest technology in vacuum modulation means that the system can operate at a greater level of efficiency with lower air consumption which saves energy and running costs for your business. 

Service and Support: Our Worldwide network of Distributors and Weber manufacturing sites gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have dedicated technicians available with 24/7 support through our network of partners making us a Global Supplier for Global Companies. 


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Available Documents

Legi-Air 4050E Gen3_opt
Legi-Air 4050E Gen3 data sheet_opt

    Sunscreen Labels


    Everyone uses sunscreen these days whether at the beach, playing sports outdoors, or at a family picnic. But how do you make your sunscreen product stand out from the hundreds of others on the store shelf? A simple, clean label design on a unique shaped container is the best way to get noticed. Bright colors and large characters for the SPF number are important considerations.

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    RFID Smart Labels


    Weber is applying its expertise as a leading manufacturer and supplier of pressure-sensitive labels to provide the finest in RFID smart labels. Our innovative method of inserting the RFID inlays fits seamlessly within our label conversion process. And because we manufacture the RFID smart labels ourselves, we’re able to offer RFID media that will maximize performance and minimize costs.

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    Weber Legi-Air 4050E – Precision Labelling System

    Based on a modular construction the Weber 4050E is capable of numerous methods to print and apply a label. The design comprises a feeder module, a printing module, label winder and unwinder with numerous applicator types. The standard Tamp-Blow system has a quick-change system for changing the tamp pad which significantly reduces the changeover time to other label formats.

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    Axicon PV-1000 Portable Barcode Verification

    Axicon PV-1000 Portable Barcode Verification

    The PV-1000 Portable display and collection unit has been introduced in response to the requests of our customers, who appreciate the ease of use and high level of repeatable accuracy of the Axicon PC and Mac-based verifiers, but would like to add portability to their quality processes. For existing Axicon verifier customers who now
    find that portability would be beneficial in their quality control there is no need to purchase a new verifier – just add a portable display and collection unit to work with the existing equipment – the Axicon PV-1000.

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