Tamper Evident

Weber’s Tamper Evident OEM module is specifically designed to fit neatly into existing Serialisation or Pharma Packaging Systems.

Tamper Evident Labelling Module


The EU Directive 2011/62/EU introduced legal framework requirements for a pan-European safety system for prevention of counterfeit medicines. A central component, which is also addressed in the pharmaceutical law, is a clear and secure marking system for database-backed traceability and tamper-proof sealing of all packaging. Weber can offer a compact, efficient and reliable solution to this requirement. A compact labelling unit is integrated into existing or newly configured Pharma Packaging Systems. A tamper evident label is applied to each end of the carton providing a secure seal which is checked by sensors. The data from all correctly serialized cartons is memorized using the track and trace software allowing each unique pack to be traced back to the manufacturer at any point in the supply chain.

Each individual carton is printed with a unique identity and 2D matrix code produced by sophisitcated track and trace software, which is linked to a vision system. In the event that the vision system detects a mis coded product the system can be configured for use with a Reject Station to dispose of the product.

As this solution is specifically designed for OEM Integration it has a small footprint for ease of installation and configuration. Maintenance and Label Reel change downtime is minimised due to the specific design of the system.

Special Features

  • Sealing labelling for protection against counterfeits
  • Two-sided corner labelling of folding boxes
  • Highly compact design to allow integration into existing plant
  • Output clocking up to 300 items per minute
  • Stepper motor driven applicator
  • Short set-up times when switching to other product formats
  • Processing of transparent, perforated labels
  • Speed-independent labelling via Tamp-Wipe-On method
  • Dual label roll unwinding





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