Monarch 9864 Series Tabletop Bar Code Printers

The Monarch 9864TM Tabletop Bar Code Industrial Printer helps you move your merchandise quickly and accurately through the supply chain, by providing high quality, scannable bar codes for your internal tracking, compliance or international shipments.

Make sure you get the scanning results you want every time!

Prints a wide variety of bar codes, including postcode, coda block, ITF and GSI databar as well as all basic bar code symbology.

The Monarch 9864 printer utilizes “Near Edge” printhead technology, giving it unsurpassed print quality for graphics, small fonts and more! This versatile printer includes native support of standard graphic formats and a built-in ribbon saver.

• Wide label capabilities (up to 10″)
• Rugged, quiet operation
• Built-in ribbon saver
• 300 DPI printhead standard
• Fastest print speeds in its class (up to 16 ips)

Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from

Available Documents

Monarch 9864 Series

    Bottle-Matic Label Applicators

    Bottle-Matic bottle labelers enable you to label all kinds of products by simply inserting the container and depressing a foot-switch. Labels are applied at over 4.5” per second – most water bottles are labeled in less than two seconds. The operator then removes the bottle and inserts another to start the procedure again. These automated labeling systems make it easy to label wine bottles, craft beer bottles, water bottles and most other round products.

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    X4Jet Plus

    The intuitive input unit of the new high performance Markoprint X4JET plus print controller is a boost to operator convenience. All system parameters can be entered easily and quickly, to be stored and called up later.

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    Trident is perfect for text, barcode and graphic marking on absorbent and smooth surfaces.It is easy to use, highly reliable and can reach printing speeds up to 60 meters per minute.

    Click on the Direct Sales Button, and contact us today to order your Trident inkjet thermal inks.

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    Weber LA4050BB – Blow Box High Speed Printer Applicator

    Weber’s LA4050B Series Electric Labelling Print and Apply automated labeling systems feature industry-leading smart technology that use sensors to reduce label application complications, ensuring a one-to-one label-product match. As the leading all-electric Label Printer/Applicator manufacturer on the market, our pressure sensitive labeling systems enable customers to completely replace conventional pneumatic systems with semi-electric and or a fully electric option that controls the label with pinpoint accuracy in side, top, bottom and corner-wrap applications throughout the packaging process.

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