Industrial Inkjet Coding Solutions

Weber Inkjet Coding

Innovative product and packaging coding systems have been developed at Weber for over 40 years in close collaboration with our customers. With its various control systems, Weber is the world’s only producer able to provide central control systems for three different print technologies.

In addition to Hewlett Packard printheads for high-resolution, small-format Inkjet Printing & Coding and the Trident printheads for large-format Inkjet Printing & Coding, newly developed Lexmark industrial printheads are now all supported. All systems allow flexible combinations to address all Inkjet Printing requirements in the highest possible quality, swiftly, touch-free and on absorbent and non-absorbent materials.


Thermal Inkjet Coding

Inkjet printers are a cost-effective solution to fast and contactless coding of products and packaging. Changing print text on a running conveyor? No problem! Our inkjet printers distinguish themselves through exceptionally high efficiency and also innovative features. Intelligent technologies offer better print results and will reduce your production downtime. A wide selection of different inks can cater for a wide range of special applications. Our Inkjet Systems are a cleaner more economical option when compared to traditional Continuous Inkjet Coding Systems that are often inefficient and costly for maintenance and consumables. Our Inkjet Systems are maintenance free as the Printing Technology is retained within the Ink Cartridge.

  • Designed for non-porous and absorbent surfaces
  • Robust Durable Solutions for Industrial applications
  • Simple to Install and Operate
  • Compact Design for ease of Integration
  • OEM Solutions Available
  • Print Widths from 12.5mm to 800mm

Markoprint Thermal Inkjet Coding Solutions

Designed for use on even the most challenging substrates, our intelligent, high resolution thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain and use on your production line

Benefits of Markoprint Inkjet Systems


  • Option of different printing technologies (HP, Funai, Trident and XAAR)
  • Solvent inks for durable printing, even on non porous surfaces


  • External HMI display port for display of print jobs and operating conditions
  • Ink cartridges with SmartCard technology (monitored ink consumption)


  • Connect multiple Print devices irrespective of location
  • Easy to install into Packaging Machines for coding products
  • Multiple Printhead configurations for confined spaces
  • Flexible bracket printheads configurations for variable product spacing


  • Self-sealing shutter printheads for exposed production environments
  • Waterproof enclosure (IP65) for wash down environments
  • Click’n’Print cartridge support for simple change of ink

High performance

  • Outstanding high-resolution print quality up to 600 dpi
  • High-speed printing up to 240 m/min. at 300 dpi
  • Maximum 800 mm print height
  • Distances of up to 10 mm to product
  • Suited for contactless printing on various absorbant and non-absorbant surfaces
  • Large ink volume Storage of up to 1000 ml


  • NonStop Printing function (two printheads simultaneously) to eliminate downtime
  • Optimising performance, doubling system range, reducing costs, changing cartridges on the fly
  • Central control of up to eight different printheads to mark different products simultaneously


  • Touchscreen or full keyboard for ease of print format design
  • Networking of devices for convenient transfer of layout data
  • iDesign layout software offers extended design options

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