X1Jet HP Stitch MK2

The Markoprint X1JET Stitch is a self-contained inkjet printing system that uses tried-and-true HP Class printing technology. Its space-saving electronics are hidden behind the cartridge, allowing it to be installed in confined areas. This entry system is especially useful for printing many 12.5 mm print pictures at the same time, which is typical in multi-lane deep-drawn packaging plants.  To print a larger print image (up to 100 mm) , up to 8 X1JET Stitch printheads can be cascaded . The patented Click’n’Print cartridge holder makes replacing cartridges a breeze at any time. The SmartCard function of the system detects the ink cartridge and automatically sets all parameters.

X1Jet HP Stitch MK2


HP technology printing system for confined installation conditions


        • Independent print system with HP technology


        • Durable casing in milled and anodised aluminium


        • Patented Click‘n Print cartridge holder for fast and easy changing of the cartridge


        • SmartCard function for the automatic recognition and storage of the ink level


        • Electronics mounted behind the cartridge to save space


        • Use in confined installation conditions


        • Particularly advantageous for the installation of several printers, e.g. for multi-track thermoformed packaging systems in order to print several 12.5 mm print images simultaneously


        • Up to 8 print heads can be cascaded to print an image with a height of 100 mm


        • No integrated photo sensor for automatic print start


Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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X1JET HP Stitch
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