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Field Force Transport & Logistics
With a mobile solution from Weber your work force will spend less time writing reports and more time preforming the job they were hired for. In stead of paper they will use their mobile device to do all the reporting. Faster and with less mistakes.
Case study: Smiling Faces
Smiling Faces services office coffee machines and “food at work” vending machines. Their service crew had a web-app in their iPhones for reporting. The app stopped working when they had no 3G coverage. To work faster and more accurately they needed to scan barcodes. The app they used did not have offline management or an easy way of integrating a barcode scanner.
Why not build another iPhone app you may ask? To be able to handle offline management and a Bluetooth scanner they would need to build an iPhone app from scratch. The software development would become very expensive. With the rapid design concept the app they needed could be built in just a few hours. They bought new mobile devices with built in barcode readers, Datalogic Memor.


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    Weber LA 4050AC Shuttle

    Legi-Air 4050 AC Shuttle

    On Print and Apply Systems it is often the print module which determines the working rate. This is not the case with the new Legi-Air 4050 AC Shuttle.   A loop device ensures a ready supply of labels which are custom-printed before being dispensed at unusually high speeds onto the passing products. The capacity of […]

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    ZT230 Industrial Printer

    The ZT230 features the durability of a metal frame and cover with an icon based LCD graphical user interface and larger ribbon capacity for long lasting use in demanding environments.

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    Zebra FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner

    Zebra FS10 Spec Sheet

    A Quick & Compact Scanning Solution

    The increasing demands on international commerce and its global supply chain are pressurising businesses to deliver more and deliver faster. From manufacturing to logistics to the end customer, success is driven by the ability to move quickly and track the products that drive your business.

    Now you can address it all with the compact Zebra FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner. With a slim profile, the FS10 fits easily everywhere you need scanning. Just plug the FS10 into the USB port of a workstation, laptop, tablet or any other host device to dependably capture barcode data, from assembly to storage and fulfilment.

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    Solicom ClockInOut


    Solicom ClockInOut is an easy to use application, with just a single screen showing the current time and after scanning a badge, a welcome or goodbye message is shown for the person just scanned. Badges that are allowed for entrance can be put in a lookup table. All badges scanned are saved in a report table. Via a supervisor menu, activated by a configurable special badge number, the download and upload of both tables can be controlled.

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