Weber Legi-Flex 6100 Label Print & Apply

With unprecedented demand on supply chain, the impact on companies warehouse and logistics processes are greater than ever. The need for automation is something that all businesses need to consider. The all new Weber Legi-Flex 6100 is a revolutionary new design that addresses the automation needs of businesses particularly in relation to the handling and labelling of products.

The Legi-Flex 6100 builds on the proven labelling technology of our LA4050 series but with a new “3D Label Application Module”. Traditionally, labelling systems label products in a fixed position as they are transported on a conveyor belt and requires alignment or product positioning guidance. The Legi-Flex 6100’s ground-breaking sensor technology recognises the position of each box and automatically adjusts itself to label the product in the correct position with pinpoint accuracy.

Legi Flex 6100

The Legi-Flex 6100 can automatically print and apply labels to a wide variety of packages and containers of varying shapes and sizes, and similar to all Weber Labelling Systems, is easy to integrate into existing packaging lines or as a standalone solution. What is most notable feature of the Legi-Air Flex 6100 is the “3D Labelling Module” . This means the Legi-Flex 6100 can support only one single Labelling System per line unlike traditional labelling systems that require additional labelling systems for each labelling position.


Key features:

    • Minimal Downtime for Label Reel Replacement or Servicing
    • Wide Variety of Label shapes and sizes catered for including, non batched products
    • Innovative “3D Labelling System” concept 
    • Enhanced Connectivity – Onboard IOT
    • Choice of Print Engines to suit your existing configuration
    • Modular Design – Rewind, Unwind, Applicator, Print Engine


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Available Documents

    Weber LA 4050 P

    Two-sided labeling LEGI-AIR 4050 P allows the labeling of two adjacent sides of a pallet. Up to 7 pallets can be processed per minute, depending on the application. Variable data (e.g. text, barcode or logo) are printed precisely and legibly on the labels immediately before the application procedure. The labels are subsequently applied using swing-arm […]

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    Geset 125 Horizontal Labelling System

    The Geset 125 labelling system is used to label cylindrical products automatically. Depending on the type and dimension of the product, different label sizes are used. The products are fed manually or by a conveying system provided by the customer at an infeed passage of the labelling system. Care should be taken on accurate alignment of the products between the two freely mounted rollers of the roll conveyor. The side guide’s position the products flush with the outside edge of the roll conveyor.

    The roll conveyor feeds the products to the labeller. There the label is applied with the part running forward onto the product and it is pushed by rotation and the back pressure of the wrapping unit onto the product. The back pressure of the wrapping unit (the speed of the wrapping unit is twice as fast as the speed of the base conveyor) enables the product in rotation. The roll conveyor forwards the finished labelled products to the outfeed. Here the products are removed manually or by the customer’s conveying system.

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    Model 5300 Series Electric Tamp-Blow Label Printer-Applicator

    This Weber exclusive label print-apply system provides high-resolution printing and high-speed operation combined with the high-speed electric tamp-blow method of label application.

    • Choose from a wide range of 203, 300 and 600 dpi print engines
    • Capable of handling print speeds up to 16 ips
    • Numerous I/O’s ease interfacing with external devices
    • Monitor operation via a web browser
    • Available with RFID capability
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    Labelling Applicator Options

    Label Reliability

    Weber Label applicators offer numerous labelling options: Change of format The label dispensing head is quick to replace (approx. 30 seconds), with our optional Quick-Change system. This means that our label printing dispensers are equipped for the most varied of present and future labelling requirements – a system for many applications. Labelling from all sides […]

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