Labelling Applicator Options

Weber Label applicators offer numerous labelling options: Change of format The label dispensing head is quick to replace (approx. 30 seconds), with our optional Quick-Change system. This means that our label printing dispensers are equipped for the most varied of present and future labelling requirements – a system for many applications. Labelling from all sides […]

Label Reliability

Weber Label applicators offer numerous labelling options:

Change of Format labelling

Change of format

The label dispensing head is quick to replace (approx. 30 seconds), with our optional Quick-Change system. This means that our label printing dispensers are equipped for the most varied of present and future labelling requirements – a system for many applications.

Labelling all Sides

Labelling from all sides

The variable design of the systems enables marking wherever necessary. With corner labelling, products are marked with a label covering two adjacent product sides, positioned either lengthwise or across. This ensures that one marked side is always visible. With two-sided labelling (label 1 = side, label 2 = face or back) product side and position of the marking are freely selectable. Individual sides can in this way be marked with different information.

GS1 compliant labels

GS1 compliant

Very specific labelling guidelines must be observed for the dispatch of pallets in the Food and Non-food industries. This requires that each pallet must bear the special GS1 prescribed EAN 128 pallet label on the face and the adjacent right–hand long side – 50 mm from the edge in each case. The most important data carrier here is the EAN 128 barcode with the so-called SSCC number of the container. The manufacturer’s factory number and a pallet number, which may only be re-used after one year, are encoded in this 18-digit number.

Critical Surfaces

Critical surfaces

Inclined or round surfaces are reliably labelled with the Gimbal dispensing head. The dispensing head is spring loaded to match the most diverse of product surfaces. When the product is touched, an optional integrated sensor is triggered which activates additional label blow-off and reverse movement.

Label Reliability

Label reliability

A barcode scanner mounted on the dispensing head verifies the printed or currently dispensed label. If the barcode on the label is illegible, a new label is immediately dispensed onto the product or packaging. Barcode control scanners are also available, operating independently from the label printing dispenser.

Labelling and Packaging Speed


The Blow Box applicator type enables maximum dispensing cycle rates. Up to 4 labels can be dispensed per second in “print-dispensing operation” here and more than 35 labels per second in “dispensing-only operation”. Depending on the label material and size, dispensing distances (Blow Box bottom to product surface) of up to 100 mm can be bridged.

Heights - Distances

Heights / distances

Different product heights can be reliably marked by means of a sensor-controlled variable dispensing stroke. A long stroke is ideal for labelling of products with highly variable dimensions, for instance. Bluhm Systeme offers you solutions with dispensing strokes up to 1.20 m. and processing label sizes up to 180 x 300 mm.

Freely Selectable height positions

Freely selectable height positions

Different labelling requirements such as labelling of stacked packages or double pallets demand freely selectable height positioning of the applicator. Standard travelling devices are available to move the device into the required position. These may be: simple, manually operated electrical adjustments, a pneumatic shaft or freely positionable electric servo shafts.

Precision Labelling

Labelling Precision

Precision guidance allows tolerances of ± 0.5 mm. In this way for instance, window profiles or printed circuit boards can be labelled using special guide rails and tamp-blow applicators.

Tandem Labelling Operation

Tandem operation

Tandem operation enables uninterrupted availability of the system. By using two printing dispensers in tandem, idle times are eliminated when a label roll is changed.

Long Production running time

Long production running time

The PUO large roll rewinder / unwinder enables processing of label rolls with roll diameters up to 430 mm (900 running metres). This enables longer production run times.

Protective Enclosure
Protective Enclosure

Protective enclosure

Special enclosures are available for special demands and to match unusual environmental conditions. Should you need to operate your equipment at temperatures above or below system specifications, for instance, then climate or thermal enclosures are advisable. We also supply suitable enclosures for environments with high dirt and dust concentrations.

Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems


Depending on system configuration, the Weber alarm systems have large and clearly legible text displays and a stack light for alarm, SMS or e-mail transmission in the event of malfunctions, an acoustic alarm, service interval displays as well as discreet digital I/O interfaces.


Batch and special labelling systems


Cylindrical Products

Cylindrical products

The 3-roll system of the RUE 1600 all-round labelling system has a very high application accuracy, whereby also two aligned labels can be dispensed in a single operation. The winding system for circumferential labelling guarantees high production performance, at 100 products per minute.

Side Labelling

Side labelling

The SE 1600 side labelling system marks up to 250 products per minute. Items to be marked are first centred using a wheel and thereafter aligned and labelled.

 Side and All-round Labelling Systems

Side and all-round labelling systems

These systems enable automatic labelling of the most diverse of products in large batches. Diverse sales and decorative labels or primary labels can be created in any label format and in sizes from 7 x 8 mm to 300 x 1 000 mm. Accurate labelling is achieved on round, square or conical products.


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Available Documents


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    Model 4300 Pro-Apply Tamp-Blow Label Printer-Applicator

    Weber’s economical Model 4300 Pro-Apply printer-applicators feature the functionality often limited to higher-duty production systems.

    Applies labels up to 6″ wide x 6″ long
    Prints text, bar codes and graphic images @ 203, 300 or 600 dpi
    Non-contact, tamp-blow application
    Accurate labelling to within ±0.03″

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    Weber LA4050I – Industrial Printer Applicator

    Based on a modular construction the Weber LA4050I is the Industrial version of our proven Weber LA4040E Standalone Labelling System. The system has all the features and benefits of the 4050E, capable of numerous methods to print and apply a label. The design comprises a feeder module, a printing module, label winder and unwinder with numerous applicator types. The standard Tamp-Blow system has a quick-change system for changing the tamp pad which significantly reduces the changeover time to other label formats. The entire system is encased in an Industrial Cabinet suitable for harsh Production or Warehouse environments.

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    SATO | NX Series

    The NX Series is a game-changing innovation that is made easy. It is designed to be so easy to use and maintain that anyone can feel the difference from the day they start using it. The new NX Series comes loaded as standard with many different features to make operation and maintenance easy.

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