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EasyGO! TableSideOrder allows servers and waiters to spend 100% of their time on the restaurant floor instead of waiting on line at a POS Station to re-enter an order they’ve already written down at the tableside. When you mobilize your servers and waiters with EasyGO! TableSideOrder they can quickly increase your restaurants revenue and reduce costs. Simply take the customer’s order and enter it at the tableside on easy to handle mobile devices. Add new courses every time you need before closing the order and generating the bill. Without closing the order, change the table and process an order of another customer. Once the order is finished, you’ll be able to charge your customer. Finally, send the orders to the kitchen as needed, several options are possible: via WiFi or cradle, attended or unattended; choose the option that best fits your needs.


EasyGo! TableSideOrder will assist your servers and waiters in the process of taking orders at the tableside in your restaurant or bar. This application has a very simple and intuitive user interface….as it is inspired on the classical paper note-block where waiters were taking their orders.

Before using the app, it requires little preparation; the servers and waiters need to download the master file with information on meals. Additionally, if a user master file exists in the host, it will be downloaded automatically keeping the handheld up to date.

Once set up the handheld is ready to use and the servers and waiters can start processing orders. For each order to process, the first step is to introduce the table id to enter the meals. If the meals are organized by courses (recommended option), select meal by meal and enter the courses the customers want.

Once the order is taken, go back to the table screen and take a new order for another table. By returning to an open table, and if the customer has not paid yet, the app will remember the courses ordered and it will be possible to add additional ones. Once the order is closed and the server or waiter charges the customer, the meals will be reset, allowing processing orders for new customers to the same table.

EasyGo! TableSideOrder allows waiters and servers being assisted in the process of getting paid by the customers at the very same moment the orders are created or served. This feature is very useful to avoid loss of money in large terraces with a lot of customers coming and going.

Sending back the orders to the kitchen can be done in 4 different ways, selected in the application configuration:

  • Batch mode (attended): the user will select when he wants to send the orders. The device needs to be placed into a cradle.
  • Unattended batch: the orders are automatically sent when the device is placed into a cradle.
  • Online mode (attended): requires Wi-Fi connection. The user will select when he wants to send the orders. The device needs to be in a RF coverage zone to be able to send the orders.
  • Full online: requires Wi-Fi connection. The orders will automatically be sent when possible (when the device enters a RF coverage zone).




  • English
  • Spanish




Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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