A – Class, Mark II Print Engine

When the demands of your high performance print and apply application require more features than existing print engines offer, it’s time to move up to the A-Class™ Mark II. The A-Class Mark II family of advanced print engines is designed for high-demand multi-shift applications requiring fast throughput and proven reliability. It includes a number of innovative design features such as stainless steel hardware components, a modular design for enhanced serviceability, coated side in/coated side out thermal transfer ribbon assembly, a full graphics display, intuitive menu navigation, and an optional remote display.

A-Class_printer_A - C l a s s M a rk I I

Designed for print and apply applicator integration, the A-Class Mark II utilizes the industry recognized Datamax-O’Neil firmware architecture with maximum connectivity options for industry standard communications interfaces. The A-Class Mark II with RFID option allows users to encode smart labels at the point of print, where most experts agree that encoding should take place to avoid any chance of mismatch between printed and encoded information. The RFID option currently accommodates EPCglobal Class 1/Gen 2 tags with either 64 or 96 bits of memory.
The A-Class Mark II is available in either 4” or 6” widths and is the only print engine to offer 203, 300, 400 and 600 dpi resolution in either right-hand or left-hand models.

Increased productivity – The A-Class increases productivity by providing fast throughput and proven reliability. The new design also allows for quick and easy replacement of the platen roller and printhead, cutting back on downtime and improving efficiency.

Integrates easily into existing solutions – The A-Class supports industry mounting standards for seamless integration into your system.
PL-Z (Zebra) and PL-I (Intermec) printer language emulation allows you to seamlessly integrate the A-Class into existing solutions without changing label formats.

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• Product Identification
• Shipping Labels
• Pallet Tracking Distribution
• Warehouse Logistics
• Cross Docking
• Shipping Labels

Food & Beverage
• Compliance
• Shipping Labels
• Product Identification[/one_third]
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• Compliance
• Product Identification
• Track & Trace

Health & Beauty
• Product Identification
• Shipping
• Track & Trace[/one_third]


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Available Documents

Datamax-Oneill – AClassMII_final_rev0505101

    Model 4300 Pro-Apply Tamp-Blow Label Printer-Applicator

    Weber’s economical Model 4300 Pro-Apply printer-applicators feature the functionality often limited to higher-duty production systems.

    Applies labels up to 6″ wide x 6″ long
    Prints text, bar codes and graphic images @ 203, 300 or 600 dpi
    Non-contact, tamp-blow application
    Accurate labelling to within ±0.03″

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    DNP R300 General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    DNP has the most elite resin ribbon offering in the industry. R300’s extensive label adaptability and high print speed capability makes it the most diverse resin of its kind. It outperforms the competition in abrasion and solvent resistance, uses less print energy and is designed with DNP’s standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect printheads and extend printhead life. And, like all DNP ribbons, R300 is an industry leader in Edge Definition™ producing dark, dense images for improved scan rates.

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    EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare


    EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare transforms your handheld into a stocktaking device for inventory management at your hospital or pharmacy. Especially designed for healthcare environments, use this application at your Hospital or Health Care centres to easily control your stock, such as medicines, equipment or other inventory. Next to the possibility to capture a zone, the location, and a quantity this applications allows as well for adding to each stock item healthcare specific data-fields such as batch and expiry dates. When stocktaking is complete, the data is uploaded to your host system for management reports and further processing.

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    Midrange Label Printers


    Industrial labels are high-performance products for a broad range of business branches. They can be seen on everything, from beverage packaging, ink cartridges to automotive tyres. In production, logistics, stocktaking as well as trading, these symbols assist to deliver data and supporting advertising

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