Alpha Compact X1 Jet

The Alpha Compact Inkjet combines the proven and renowned Alpha series labelling system with the compact Markoprint inkjet printer for a simple low cost Printing and Label Application Solution

The Alpha Compact Inkjet combines the proven and renowned Alpha series labelling system with the compact Markoprint Thermal inkjet printer. The cost-efficient Alpha Compact labeling system features a small footprint, yet employs a highly-accurate wipe-on method of application to affix pressure-sensitive labels on a wide range of packages or products on your production line.

The Weber Markoprint X1/X2 Jet Thermal Ink Jet Coding Systems are high-resolution coders that provide reliable, cleanly-readable text and bar codes on your products. The Markoprint Coder is fitted to the Alpha Compact Labelling System by using an extended Peeler Bar fixture on the Alpha Compact Dispensing head giving you a modular solution that allows you to disable the Inkjet Coding System should you require Application Only of Pre-Printed Labels with the benefit of a simple Coding Solution for printing of Date Codes, 2D Codes etc. We see this product as an effective alternative to the larger more costly Printer and Apply Systems in the marketplace today.

The Markoprint X Jet systems are easy to operate. They use convenient HP/Lexmark ink jet cartridges that make it fast and easy to change ink formulations or add ink. If you need clean, high-resolution text, bar codes or graphics on your labels, then the X Jet systems are the solution. The ink dries almost immediately (depending on the formnulation) and is durable for most applications


Features and Benefits:
• Ideal solution for basic printing of, shelf life, barcodes, 2D codes, graphics and logos
• Easy to transmit data via USB, Ethernet, or directly from a PC
• Up to 3 000 serializations per minute and 600 dpi resolution, using low cost cartridge printing technology
• Up to 90 m per minute printing speed at 300 dpi resolution
• Integrated and automatic date functions with expiry calculator and serial numbers

If you are looking for a reliable, economical labeling system that is easy to set up and simple to maintain, then check out the Alpha Compact.


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Available Documents

Alpha Compact X1JET leaflet
Ink Guide 2015

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    The ZT230 features the durability of a metal frame and cover with an icon based LCD graphical user interface and larger ribbon capacity for long lasting use in demanding environments.

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    Blank Smart Cards

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    ARMOR – Thermal Transfer Ribbon APR6


    APR®6 is the standard wax/resin ribbon of the ARMOR range: very versatile, it has been conceived to print all kinds of self-adhesive labels at the lowest heat settings. It also provides a higher level of mechanical resistance compared to the wax ribbons.

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    Pressure-Sensitive Spice Labels


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