SATO | NX Series

The NX is SATO’s universal printer range engineered for the ultimate operator experience, and is skilfully crafted to support new and legacy printing applications across a wide range of verticals that would require a durable and dependable printer for years to come.

NX Series | Features

SATO‘s first truly Universal industrial label printer engineered for the most demanding printing needs. The new NX Series comes loaded as standard with many features to make operation and maintenance easy for you.

NX Series Printer Body

  • User-Friendly operation
  • Multi-National Language Support
  • Multi emulation Support
  • Standard multiple On-board Interfaces
  • Support for a variety of media types
  • Easy Set-up and Maintenance
  • High Speed Processing and Throughput
  • Space Saving Design
  • Superior Print Accuracy and Quality
  • Durable Design


User-Friendly Operation

NX Series Printer Display

 Blue LED Indicator – Blue confirms normal operation and Red indicates an operation alert. Clearly visible from a distance.

 3.5” Full Colour LCD – The clear and crisp image provides high quality operating and real-time messages. Videos displayed on the large screen guide the operator through label loading and other functions.

 New Menu – The new menu design utilises an icon system as used in many popular consumer devices making navigation through printer settings, applications and system information easier than ever.

 Intuitive Key Design – Universal icons for easy to understand key operation.


Durable Design

 Tough metal housing – Protecting against damage in the field, the NX Series is ready for the toughest of environments.2

 Aluminium Die-Cast chassis – Key parts such as the chassis, front cover, ribbon spindles and print unit are of aluminium die-cast construction to withstand the most challenging environments.

 Ribbon Rewinder – Oversized core provides stable rotating torque and reduce a chance of wrinkles while in use of up to 600M long roll.

 Wear parts life time – The printhead and platen roller have been designed for double life time operation prolonging intervals between maintenance and reducing operating costs.3

 Tool-less Replacement Parts – Provides quick replacement of both the print head and platen roller with no tools required, which helps provide easy maintenance and reduce unwanted downtime.







– User-friendly operation
– Multinational language
– Multi emulation support
– Standard multiple on-board
– Support for a variety of
media types
spacer – Easy setup and maintenance
– Space saving design
– High-Speed Processing &
– Superior print accuracy and
– Durable Design




Print method:  Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
Print resolution:  203, 305 or 609 dpi  203 or 305 dpi
Print width: 104 mm – 4.1″ 167.5 mm – 6.5″
Print speed: 250 mm/s – 10 inch per second
200 mm/s – 8 inch per second
152 mm/s – 6 inch per second
250 mm/s – 10 inch per second
200 mm/s – 8 inch per second
Emulations: Auto detect: ZPL – IPL – TPL – DPL

Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from

Available Documents

NX Brochure English Downloadable


    Hotel Cleaning Software Hotel Cleaning gets information to the reception faster. The mobile devices connect to the hotels Wi-Fi and sends data directly to the reception. The cleaner can report: When a room is ready for the next guest, scan barcodes on consumed minibar items, damage in the room, missing items (bathrobes, towels, remote control…), […]

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    Zebra ZT200 Series

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    Nursery Labels


    Weather Resistant labels need to be able to handle exposure to all types of weather conditions plus direct sunlight and constant watering. Our polytag material can stand up to the job plus you can print variable information on-site with our thermal label printers equipped with durable thermal ribbons. Our garden labels come in lots of shapes and sizes, and can be used for custom printing.  We can customize your labels with pre-printed logos and graphics.

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    Zebra ZXP Series 8 Retransfer Card Printer

    Zebra ZXP Series 8

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    The ZXP Series 8 printer includes ZMotif XML-based software for easy integration with enterprise applications. A modular design gives you the flexibility to add a variety of encoding options as needed.

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