Model 5300 Series Pail/Drum Label Printer-Applicator

The fully-automatic system that quickly and accurately prints and applies labels to pails or drums on the production line.

Fully automatic pail/drum labelling system
Ideal for rough production conditions
High-grade label printing in a single operation
Prints and applies labels up to 7″ x 14″
Labels up to 30 products per minute
Print resolution up to 600 dpi
All conventional data interfaces
Service interval display
Display controller for simple operation
Easy integration
CE certification

Model 5300 Pail/Drum Label Printer-Applicator

Weber has designed and engineered a unique label printing and application solution that features flexibility, quality and efficiency.
5300 pail/drum label printer-applicator
Weber’s Model 5300 Pail/Drum Labelling System quickly and consistently prints and applies perfectly positioned labels to the outer circumference of the product. It optimizes the product identification process to provide a positive impression on consumers, thanks to accurate label placement that ensures strong brand impact. The labels are applied straight and consistent every time.

The system prints top-quality labels up to 7″ x 14″ with very high-resolution text, bar codes and/or graphic images. The durable construction of this unique labelling solution makes it suitable for use in all sorts of production environments.

Pails or drums can be properly labelled even amid changing product identification requirements, and variable products and information can be accommodated without wasting labels. The Model 5300 Pail/Drum Labelling System is versatile enough to communicate via existing data controllers or interfaces.


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