New peel and reseal label materials from Weber for direct product labelling

Weber Packaging Solutions food labeling product range has just expanded, with two new peel and reseal film label materials and a corresponding durable high performance adhesive. Peel- Reseal PP White FTC 60 and Peel-Reseal PP Clear FTC 50 with RC512 adhesive are ideal for applications where the packaging will be opened and closed multiple times. Open-close labels P&R3make packaging more user friendly and high-performance reclosing is essential to ensure that food stays fresh for longer.


Both these new top-coated PP film face materials are compliant with food safe regulations. Peel-Reseal PP White FTC 60 is a white solid film, whereas Peel-Reseal PP Clear FTC 50 is transparent and ideal for the no-label-look. They are best paired with the RC512, a new UV acrylic adhesive specifically designed for open-close labels for food applications.These two new peel and reseal film products provide excellent open-close functionality for food applications. Food Manufacturers and Processors require on demand high performance packaging that satisfies retailers in terms of look and appeal to the consumer. The new RC512 adhesive ensures that labels can be opened and closed multiple times while still sticking well and looking good – giving end users a positive experience and enhancing the brand image at the same time.

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Weber Packaging Solutions provide a complete turnkey Labelling Solution and in order to maximise efficiency in automatic labelling we would recommend our Alpha Compact Label Applicator which comes in a variety of configuration to suit your Labelling Automation needs. The system can be fitted with our Markoprint X1 Jet Thermal Inkjet Coding System for high speed Batch Number and Date Coding Applications.  See our Alpha Compact X1Jet Labelling System