Trident is perfect for text, barcode and graphic marking on absorbent and smooth surfaces.It is easy to use, highly reliable and can reach printing speeds up to 60 meters per minute.

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  • High reliability
    Piezo-controlled graphic printing for industry-standard fonts, with almost unlimited number of rows.
  • high printing speeds in barcode quality
    up to 60 m/minute at 192 dpi (maximum 200 m/minute)
  • good print image
    based on perfected and proven Piezo technology
  • simple operation
    through integrated maintenance module
  • unique flexibility
    through the use of several Trident printheads
  • Maximum 50 mm to 800 mm printing heights possible, as well as freely configurable layouts
  • Multi-sided coding of packaging on two sides (top, side or at different production lines)
  • virtually any porous surfaces can be marked, depending on ink type
  • Topping up ink whilst in operation
  • up to 5 mm distance from printhead to product surface enables marking of cartons with surface tolerances
  • highly economical
  • Best price-performance ratio in terms of ratio: cost of ink to area printed

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Available Documents

    Dairy Product Labels


    When labeling dairy products like cheese, milk, and other refrigerated items, you want a label that looks good, conveys your message but also stands up to the cold, moist atmosphere. A good label design will entice customers to try your brand. Bright, colorful labels can be used to create families of products, too. Check out some of the eye-catching labels below.



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    RFID Smart Labels


    Weber is applying its expertise as a leading manufacturer and supplier of pressure-sensitive labels to provide the finest in RFID smart labels. Our innovative method of inserting the RFID inlays fits seamlessly within our label conversion process. And because we manufacture the RFID smart labels ourselves, we’re able to offer RFID media that will maximize performance and minimize costs.

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    Field Force/T&L

    Field Force Transport & Logistics
    With a mobile solution from Weber your work force will spend less time writing reports and more time preforming the job they were hired for. In stead of paper they will use their mobile device to do all the reporting. Faster and with less mistakes.
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    TC8000 Touch Computer

    barcode verifier

    A revolutionary design delivers revolutionary productivity gains…one more hour, per worker, per shift.

    Businesses looking for the next innovation in warehouse mobility to boost warehouse productivity, have just found it: the rugged TC8000. What makes the TC8000 so special? Everything

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