Medical Device Labels

High standards and dedicated inspection for quality assurance. Medical device labels require strict quality control during every step of the manufacturing process. On-press and post-press video inspection guarantees finished labels that meet your requirements.

medical device labels

Weber has complex die and adhesive zone coating capabilities to permit one-step labeling for product kit combinations. And our on-press, code dating and messaging using laser etch or UV inkjet allows the addition of variable data during printing. Sequential back-of-liner numbering aids your lets you keep your inventory under control.

Medical Device Label Tips


  • Use adhesives and topcoats that are compatible with your sterilization process.
  • Provide more information to your end users by adding expanded text and multi-ply label constructions that can handle the demand for increased text area on the label.


  • Add a laminate or spot varnish to areas of your label to highlight specific features or allow variable thermal-transfer printing.
  • Custom die cuts and layering lets you add individual peel-able bar codes for record-keeping.

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Available Documents

    DNP R300 General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    DNP has the most elite resin ribbon offering in the industry. R300’s extensive label adaptability and high print speed capability makes it the most diverse resin of its kind. It outperforms the competition in abrasion and solvent resistance, uses less print energy and is designed with DNP’s standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect printheads and extend printhead life. And, like all DNP ribbons, R300 is an industry leader in Edge Definition™ producing dark, dense images for improved scan rates.

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    Midrange Label Printers


    Industrial labels are high-performance products for a broad range of business branches. They can be seen on everything, from beverage packaging, ink cartridges to automotive tyres. In production, logistics, stocktaking as well as trading, these symbols assist to deliver data and supporting advertising

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    Vitamin Labels

    Vitamin labels

    An eye-catching label plus important info. If you have ever looked down the vitamin aisle at your local store, you can see that the different products are branded by color and label design. People need to trust their vitamin and supplement supplier so your label needs to reflect quality as well as contain the important information needed to use the product safely and effectively.

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    Alpha Compact Pre-Printed Labelling System

    Our Alpha Compact Range of Labelling Systems, Compact, Lightweight, Durable and Easy to Use.

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