Solicom ClockInOut


Solicom ClockInOut is an easy to use application, with just a single screen showing the current time and after scanning a badge, a welcome or goodbye message is shown for the person just scanned. Badges that are allowed for entrance can be put in a lookup table. All badges scanned are saved in a report table. Via a supervisor menu, activated by a configurable special badge number, the download and upload of both tables can be controlled.


Solicom ClockInOut is an easy to use application to clock in or out persons that arrive or leave at a location. Identification is done by barcode e.g. on a badge and persons are validated from a list that is downloaded into the application at start. A report is produced on every arrival or departure of an individual, where the badge number is combined with status and timestamp.  Exchange of information is maintained via an administrator menu and can be scheduled.  The application is specially created for Motorola Micro kiosk MK590.  Via settings the actual behaviour of the application can be fine tuned.

Solicom ClockInOut can be used in different situations :

  • Registering working hours for employees
  • Checking presence of individuals at a location
  • Validation for access to a premises


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Portuguese



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