Weber AP182 Pallet Labelling System

The Weber AP182 is the latest offering by Weber Packaging Solutions of the Pallet Labelling Systems range. It has the reliability and modularity of its predecessor the AL180 but with on board Intelligence and an enhanced User Interface. In the design of this system Weber has focused on reliability, connectivity, efficiency, and versatility. The AP182 System is designed to Label up to three sides of a Pallet simultaneously for specialist pallet identification applications.


With over 15,000 Weber Labelling Systems installed worldwide we have redesigned and enhanced our best selling product to bring you the latest generation of the Pallet Labelling Systems range. Using the latest technology the Generation 3 LA4050E provides all the reliability of its predecessor but with design features and enhanced connectivity which provides a universal solution to your automation needs.


Features and Benefits

  • The AP182 comes with a choice of Print Engines from Global Leading Manufacturers
  • Compact three sided labelling solution for advanced pallet identification
  • Labelling System only requires 2 pallet stops for a three sided labeling process
  • Europe-wide distributor Network for Service and Support
  • Large Label Roll Unwind for reduced Downtime for Label Reel Changes
  • Designed for 24/7 Logistics and Warehousing Operation
  • Standard Parts and Components for ease of sourcing and replacement
  • Fully enclosed Labelling System with no safety guarding necessary
  • Label Scanning Options available pre apply or post Label Application
  • System and components are designed with ease of servicing in mind.



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Available Documents


    Flex-Matic Label Applicator

    The Flex-Matic has been developed to accurately apply labels to a wide range of flat products including Bags, Envelopes, Pamphlets, PCB’s etc. up to a maximum thickness of 4mm. Constructed to the highest engineering standards and comes complete with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects and are fully compliant with all current safety standards.

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    Weber Legi-Flex 6100 Label Print & Apply

    Legi Flex 6100

    With unprecedented demand on supply chain, the impact on companies warehouse and logistics processes are greater than ever. The need for automation is something that all businesses need to consider. The all new Weber Legi-Flex 6100 is a revolutionary new design that addresses the automation needs of businesses particularly in relation to the handling and labelling of products.

    The Legi-Flex 6100 builds on the proven labelling technology of our LA4050 series but with a new “3D Label Application Module”. Traditionally, labelling systems label products in a fixed position as they are transported on a conveyor belt and requires alignment or product positioning guidance. The Legi-Flex 6100’s ground-breaking sensor technology recognises the position of each box and automatically adjusts itself to label the product in the correct position with pinpoint accuracy.

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    Juice Labels


    If you want your brand of drinks, cold-pressed juices, or other beverages to stand out from the crowded store shelf, you have to have a design that sets you apart from the competition. Color code each flavor using bright colors that reflect the taste of the product. We have some great ideas that can help you improve the appearance of your juice brand. Weber can also help you pick the right materials to stand up to the refrigerated environment and still look refreshing.

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    Compact 4 Mobile

    The Compact4 Mark II  mobile printer is designed for installation on conveyors, forklift trucks and mobile stations. It can operate from a connection to a forklift’s battery and its vibration-proof design makes it the perfect choice for warehousing logistics.

    Specifications at-a-glance:

    • Direct thermal
    • 203 dpi [8 dots/mm], 300 dpi [12 dots/mm] optional resolution
    • 5 ips [125 mm/s] maximum print speed
    • 4.1″ [104mm] maximum print width
    • Serial, USB, LAN, wireless 802.11b/g with WPA2 security protocol (optional)
    • PL-Z, PL-I, and PL-B emulations on the DPL versions
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