Funai (Lexmark)

Funai (Lexmark) enables high resolution marking on any surface at very high speed.

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  • very high reliability under operational conditions
    the cartridge and the complete printhead are exchanged simultaneously. This also guarantees consistent typeface quality.
  • intelligent ink cartridge for increased coding reliability
    ink type, manufacturer and ink content can be stored with the cartridge. The printer can therefore automatically be set to recognize the correct ink and other ink can be detected and blocked
    Ink filling level detection guarantees timely detection of imminent cartridge replacement, assuring ongoing operation.
  • very high printing speeds in barcode quality
    up to 240 m/minute at 300 dpi (maximum 400 m/minute) with Dual Channel. There are two of every nozzle.
  • extremely brilliant print image up to 900 dpi
    using ink cartridges and thermo inkjets of consistent quality, achieved by ejecting tiny droplets from hundreds of minute nozzles at very high frequency and highly accurately positioned
  • simple operation
    the cartridges are clean and easy to handle. No special training or maintenance required.
  • unique flexibility
    by using several Funai printheads, max. printing heights of 12.7 to 100 mm are achieved, as well as freely configurable layouts.
  • Multi-sided printing of packaging is possible
    from top, bottom or side or also at different production lines.
  • distances of up to 10 mm from printhead to product surface. This also enables flexible printing on convex and concave surfaces.
  • virtually any porous and non-porous surfaces can be marked, depending on ink type.
  • highly economical
    low operating costs but also high availability through simple and clean ink exchange, zero maintenance, immediate write response and uninterrupted operation.
  • simple installation
    by dint of very compact design, with 2 different printhead types available

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