EasyGo! Replenishment


Use this helpful application to assist your personnel in the process of replenishment at your warehouse, market or business. You can view all items to be replenished or search them by code or description, and introduce the quantity you will replenish quickly and easily. Use the review option to see the replenished items, and eventually modify the quantity. Finally, send the file report to the server by cradle or WIFI.


EasyGo! Replenishment  will assist your personnel in the process of executing replenishment at your warehouse, market or business.

Initially, the user needs to download the master file with the replenishments orders to be executed.

Afterwards, the user can select the Location (if allowed), or directly the item to replenish. You can group the replenishment orders by location if you have a structured warehouse. Otherwise, you can keep it simple and show directly the item to replenish.

The items to replenish can be shown by item code or by item description, just set it up in the application parameters. Depending on your business your operators may know the item to be replenished by its item code or by its item description. You choose!

Finally, the application will show all the information related to the item and the user will only have to enter the quantity to confirm the replenishment. If it is allowed by your operations it’s possible to enter a higher or lower quantity than the expected quantity. It depends on how you have set your parameters.

Once the current item is confirmed, the application will automatically show the next item to replenish. The App contains a detailed overview on all items to be replenished. Inside this overview it’s possible to navigate to the next or previous item to be replenished. It’s also possible to search an item to replenish by code or by (partial) description.

The user can also review all replenishments once they are confirmed. The application will show all the items that have been replenished until that moment. In order to complete a replenishment task the user can change the quantity in the replenishment overview.

Finally the report file with the replenished items can be sent via cradle or Wi-Fi to the host.



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Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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