Product to Pallet Labelling Solutions

Modern manufacturing requires an integrated approach across all aspects of the production process, to ensure not just productivity, but the quality and consistency demanded by the consumer. As demands and expectations have increased within the production processes themselves, so too has the need for concise and efficient marking and labelling.

Whether a label contains simple instructions, a use by date or traceability information within a bar code, 2D matrix code or an RFID smart label, it is essential that manufacturers have the confidence that each and every label will be produced and applied to a consistent standard, irrespective of where in the production process the operation takes place.

With over 75 years experience in the development and innovation of labelling solutions, Weber Marking Systems has built up an enviable portfolio covering the three distinct categories of Media, Hardware and Software.

This unique combination of products, backed by unrivalled application knowledge, allows Weber to identify, configure and manage all aspects of labelling, from the humble label itself right through to the latest tracking and traceability technology and covering all applications areas from the product to the pallet.

This whole process however starts with the media and labels, tags, RFID smart labels and printer ribbons must be of the highest quality to ensure optimum performance from on-line print and apply systems. The company therefore converts and prints labels within its own manufacturing facilities, including the UK plant in Macmerry just outside Edinburgh. These products range from pressure- sensitive labels – including stock labels for general-purpose labelling – plus custom, variable imprint labels and tags for more challenging applications. In addition, Weber has also applied its expertise as a leading manufacturer of labels to provide a range of high quality in RFID smart labels.

A typical packaging line will employ a variety of labelling, print and apply and data capture systems at strategic points. Historically, labelling systems were seen as stand-alone units that would perform their individual tasks without the need for any cohesive integration to the main packaging line.

As today’s packaging lines have become faster and more complex and with the need to comply with growing regulation on product labelling, it is essential that the individual elements are both compatible and capable of integration to the line and its PLC control system. Meeting these demands requires a comprehensive range of labelling and coding equipment which has been designed for easy integration into virtually any packaging line.


Key elements of a packaging line are pressure-sensitive label printer-applicators and prime label applicators and Weber’s extensive range has the capability to be engineered to meet the needs of a specific application. Today’s labelling demands also often include RFID compliance labelling, and Weber has developed RFID encode-apply equipment and a unique system that combines smart label printing, encoding and application in a single unit. Both of these systems also verify correct RFID encoding and reject non-compliant labels before they are applied. In addition to equipment designed for on-line integration, Weber also provides a diverse selection of label printers and RFID printer-encoders for off-line labelling needs, together with the necessary material handling equipment such as conveyors, equipment stands, carton feeders and much more. An additional selection of bar code and RFID data capture products gather information that ensures accurate product identification and provide real-time inventory management data.

Weber’s Legitronic® labelling software is the driving force behind the company’s label printer and printer-applicator systems, offering a simple yet flexible approach to label design and editing plus providing the control and operation of label printers and RFID encoders. This “off the shelf” product, with it’s easy to use design interface, can be found at the heart of a multitude of label printing tasks. Remote input capabilities permit direct access from scales, PLCs and other devices. Legitronic software also is ideal for networks, efficiently handling multiple systems with shared file support, whilst a built-in security system restricts use and protects valuable information. The software offers many options and can be custom-designed to complement and help control any operation. The company’s philosophy of continuous product development has led to the introduction of two new and enhanced levels of software, LegiPlus and LegiMax which are provided as part of a total systems solution to label printing applications. These fully managed and implemented solutions build upon the functionality and flexibility of the core software and when combined with Weber’s unrivalled expertise, deliver significant benefits for users of Weber’s print and apply technology.

With media, hardware and software covering all aspects of label printing and application Weber can truly provide the seamless integration required to enable identification and traceability from the product to the pallet.

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