Labelling and Coding Solutions for all Applications and Budgets

In a world where just about everything we purchase or use is identified in some way or other, either by coding, marking or labelling, we tend to take for granted the fact that when we pick up an item, the information which we expect to see is presented to us in a clear and concise format. The diversity of product identification and labelling requirements means that there is a need for an equally diverse range of equipment and systems to produce the marks and print and apply the labels.

Modern manufacturing requires an integrated approach across all aspects of the production process, to ensure the quality and consistency demanded by the consumer. As demands and expectations have increased within the production processes themselves, so too has the need for concise and efficient marking and labelling, across all product types and industries. Clearly the demands will differ greatly depending upon the industry and product, but overall the need to be able to create and apply the identifying information legibly and consistently remains the same whether it is for a simple use-by date, directly printed on to a product, a label containing operating or cooking instructions or traceability information within a bar code, a 2D matrix code or an RFID smart label.

With over 75 years experience in the development and innovation of labelling and coding solutions, Weber Marking Systems has built up an extensive portfolio covering media, hardware and software and in doing so, become an integrated and indispensable part of many manufacturing processes. This unique combination of products, backed by unrivalled application knowledge, allows Weber to identify, specify and supply exactly the right level technology required for a customer’s individual coding and labelling needs.

Labelling solutions from the simplest to the most sophisticated

For labelling applications Weber’s 4000 entry level series is a value-for-money label printer and dispenser which can be used for a wide range of straight forward labelling of products and packaging. The tamp-blow method, whereby the label is accurately positioned onto the product without touching it, allows labels to be placed onto either stationary or moving product, guaranteeing safe and accurate labelling especially for uneven or sensitive product surfaces. A thermo-transfer or thermal-direct printer ensures brilliant print quality at speeds of up to 30 labels per minute, depending on the size of the label, content and dispensing stroke.

For more demanding applications Weber’s range includes the 4020 series, 4050 series and top of the range 5300 series which is equipped with a variety of applicators for the most varied of tasks, such as linear, rotation or corner applications and also double-sided labelling. This 5300 series provides the highest possible levels of flexibility for customer’s current applications and also with a view to potential future requirements. Various label application methods are possible, including the tamp-blow and blow box method for no-contact high speed labelling. For label printing there is a choice of industry-proven printing modules from many manufacturers and RFID printing modules for programming of radio chips are also available within this part of the Weber range. The system requires only one step to begin printing labels in brilliant, high resolution with a positional accuracy of up to ± 0.5 mm, or to write to RFID tags, with the information changing as required. Printing instructions can be stored directly within the system memory, to be called up again as and when required by the operator, enabling operation without the need for a direct link to an offline PC.

Coding systems are clean, precise and reliable

For applications which require direct coding, Weber has an equally comprehensive range of systems starting with the Compactline 2.0. Not much larger than a mobile phone, this system can accomplish an impressive variety of coding tasks including: manufacturing and expiry dates, serial numbers, date, time, and much more besides, providing a maximum printing height of 4.5 mm. With a 4-line, graphics-capable LC display and integrated membrane keypad, it is easy to enter text and data. Only one hand is required to insert the ink cartridge into the printer and this simple but effective system is ready to go.

The Weber range of thermal ink-jet coding systems also includes the Compactline 2.5, Compactline 3.0, CUBE and the iJet which is capable of printing resolutions of up to 600dpi. This system can also deliver 300dpi print resolution at speeds of up to 90 metres per minute.

With media, hardware and software covering all levels of label printing, application and product coding Weber can provide the seamless integration required to enable identification and traceability from the product to the pallet.

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