Patent of Amazon: Labels with parachute

The delivery of parcels with drones was only science fiction a few years ago. But it seems to become more and more concrete. Gradually all possible problems are solved, but some still exist here and there.

Example: The sending of the packet directly at the receiver. The risk of collision with other objects or even persons is too great.

But how about dropping the cargo from low altitude?

For this to work without risk to the content Amazon has come up with something. A US patent with the number US Pat. No. 9,663,234 has just been issued. The document describes a novel label containing a parachute. At the beginning is the very compact. A thread serves as a tear. The falling package tears the screen out, the package floats slowly from the sky.

Per the patent, the size of the screen could be dependent on the sensitivity of the material to be transported. It does not have to be rounded, but rectangular. Then the load could still sail a certain distance. In the document is also protected a version with a propeller. The free fall sets it in motion (in the helicopter this is called the “autorotation”) and slows down the descent.

It has even been thought of how to prevent damage to the cargo due to the sudden opening of the parachute: shock absorbers can be integrated into the cords to alleviate the abrupt movement.

Obviously, one has also been concerned with how different types of attachment to the drone might look. Is the package completely removed? Or is there still a remainder of the tug on the drone, which can be thrown off later? This thread would then have to be biodegradable or even dissolve completely in the water.

On the label is of course the address of the customer. But also, a special graphic pattern could be imprinted, which can follow a camera on the drone from above …. To a happy landing in the front yard of the recipient.

Science fiction becomes reality – and we can be there.

Weber Group also develops labels for various applications . A version with parachute was not included. But if you already have this specific requirement, then you can sign up. We would like to take your advice.

Image source and further information  Patent of Amazon