Pure relaxation: painting with bubbles

Soaps bubbles … light as a feather …. hovering there …..wonderfully relaxing. But when they pop, they’re gone, nothing is to be seen.

Try something different: if you add some color to the soapy water and burst the bubble directly against a sheet of paper, a pattern remains. Add the straw to the bubbles again to repeat, and you will be rewarded with particularly beautiful pictures.

What you’ll need: color, soap, water. It is recommended to experiment with different color and soap combinations.  ( You can find more information here ).

The example of BCSXY shows that this technique is also suitable for professional art. The Amsterdam-based designer Boaz Cohen (Israel) and Sayaka Yamamoto (Japan) show that impressively on their website .


Image source: Buzzfeed  / Facebook, User Nifty