Model 4300e Pro-Apply All-Electric Label Printer-Applicator

Weber’s economical Model 4300e Pro-Apply is an electrically-operated printer-applicator that features the functionality often limited to higher-duty pneumatic systems.

The result is a versatile in-line system that combines high-quality label printing and application that ensures fast, accurate pressure-sensitive labelling – and now it’s available without the need to use externally-supplied compressed air.

Applies labels up to 6″ wide x 6″ long at up to 12 ips
Prints text, bar codes and graphic images @ 203, 300 or 600 dpi
Direct-tamp label application
Accurate labeling to within ±0.03″

Model 4300e All-Electric Pro-Apply Label Printer-Applicator

The Model 4300e Pro-Apply system is designed and engineered by Weber and is assembled in our own U.S. manufacturing facility. Each unit is equipped with an on-demand, thermal/thermal-transfer print engine from Datamax, SATO or Zebra to produce 203-, 300- or 600-dpi text, bar codes and graphic images at speeds up to 12 ips.

Labels up to 6″ wide and 6″ long are printed in a cost-efficient, next-out mode, and then are instantly applied to cartons or products on the production or packaging line.
Model 4300e All-Electric Pro-Apply label printer applicator
Utilising all-electric operation and the direct-tamp method of application, a printed pressure-sensitive label is automatically peeled from its liner and is retained by vacuum on the applicator’s tamp pad. Unlike most conventional print-apply systems, the system’s vacuum is created using electrically-operated fans instead of external compressed air.

The spring-loaded pad is extended up to 12.5″ using an electric actuator travelling at 35″ ips. As the tamp pad approaches the product, a pad-mounted sensor detects the product and slows the actuator to gently apply the label to the package.

Standard features include durable anodized aluminium and stainless steel construction, an integrated user interface with LCD display, numerous inputs/outputs to facilitate the use of a product sensor or other optional accessories and stepper motor-driven rewind.

In addition, system components are readily accessible to ease service, and all units feature zero-downtime connectivity to ensure uninterrupted production.

Options include a stack light and an adjustable stand that enables the system to be oriented for top, bottom or side application.

The Model 4300e Pro-Apply operates with Weber’s exclusive Legitronic® software, which simplifies label formatting, editing and printing.

Weber also manufactures a wide variety of stock and custom pressure-sensitive labels for variable imprinting as well as providing application-specific ribbons for thermal-transfer operation.


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