Industrial Label Printers – High Performance for High Demands

Weber Marking’s industrial label printers are the perfect solution for automatic printing and labelling. From small systems with a broad range of applications to high-end demands with specialised needs, every industrial label printer is durable and can operate to maximum efficiency.


All applications despite complexity can be accomplished accurately and swiftly. State-of-the-art technology will streamline your operations and implement every labelling task. Once set, our industrial label printers can print and position the labels automatically on every product, tray, package or pallet that is applied to your area of business.

Modular setting-up

Due to modular construction, Weber Marking’s industrial label printers can be set up for more than 1,500 different areas of operation. Depending on the label size of the rewinder or unwinder, Weber Marking can provide up to 600 linear metres per roll. Printing is available either as a direct thermal or a thermal transfer method. The standard resolution amounts to 203 dpi (8 dots per mm), but can be increased up to 600 dpi (24 dots per mm).

At maximum, printing speed can be completed at 400 mm per second according to the resolution. The standard tamp blow can handle labels of any size between 12,5 x 7 and 180 x 300 mm, but they are also exchangeable with purpose-built stamps for customised labels. The control section corresponds to specific needs and fully equipped with HOST connection, reflex button, light barrier, inductive or capacitive sensor and a SPS output microswitch. Finally, the data interface supports all standard formats and makes the industrial label printer an easy fit into already-established systems.

Weber’s industrial label printers size and scale can meet your requirements

These printers fulfill every aspect of high performance printing and are therefore offered in different sizes and scales:

  • Entry class systems appeal to customers with minimum space requirements with very reasonable prices. They are easy to operate and suitable for many applications.
  • Middle class systems come with a lightweight ab bnd compact design, which allows a fast replacement of the printing or stamp module. Their labelling process is also kept up to date with the ever-changing requirements and provides RFID-technology. Diagnostic routines, if necessary, can easily be monitored via text displays.
  • High end systems deliver basic units suitable for standard and special applications. Thanks to their modular construction, these premium industrial label printers are robust devices fit for any demand. RFID can be applied to the full extent and includes, ‘flagtag’ for instance. Full graphic displays with touchscreens offer the full comfort for handling and maintenance.

Customised labelling system

Every customer and task is unique. Our industrial labelling systems can fulfill a range of printing tasks and dispense labels in a range of shapes for all kinds of materials. From paper and plastic to wood and steel. For the appropriate printing speed, the required resolution and the necessary label size – we can set-up a specially tailored system that fits perfectly your demands and needs using intelligent modular components. For the best in high performing industrial label printers, look to Weber.

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Available Documents


    Model 5300 Series Air-Blow Label Printer-Applicator

    This Weber exclusive provides high-resolution printing and high-speed operation combined with the dependable air-blow method of label application.

    •Choose from a wide range of 203, 300 and 600 dpi print engines
    •Capable of handling print speeds up to 16 ips
    •Numerous I/O’s ease interfacing with external devices
    •Monitor operation via a web browser
    •Available with RFID capability

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    All-in-one photo ID systems help you create professional-quality ID, security and commerce-related cards simply and easily. Perfect for organisations of any size.

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    XC Label Printer

    xc6 label printer

    The layout of the labels is created either using label software or through direct programming via a text editor on the PC. Label formats, fonts and graphic data, serial data and database contents are saved or imported on the CF memory card, USB flash drive or the internal IFFS printer memory. Only variable data is sent to the printer via keyboard or host computer before being printed out. Data from a barcode scanner or a balance can also be received by the printer.

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    Axicon 6025-S Barcode Verifier

    Axicon 6025-S Barcode Verifier

    The Axicon 6025 – S verifier is designed for all barcodes where a 4, 5, 6, 10 or 20 mil aperture is mandatory up to a maximum width of 68mm including quiet zones. The simple-to-use design reduces user error and eliminates product damage whilst providing the highest level of accuracy achievable for verification.

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