EasyGo! TicketSale


Manage and control your ticket sales with this simple but customisable and powerful application. Choose the ticket type, the quantity of tickets to sell and the discounts to apply. Use the build-in calculator to help you charging your customers. Finally, the application will generate a file with the exact overview on how many tickets sold, which type, by when and finally by which mobile sales operator.


EasyGo! TicketSale is a complete ticket sales application that will help your sales operators in the process of selling tickets on site to customers.

First, the operators will have to enter their user ids and passwords to sign in into the system. Optionally the system can be provided with a pre-loaded set of Users/Operators and login details. A validation is done and a valid user id and password is required to start working with this application. In case the system is not provided upfront with such pre-loaded User/Operator list it is still required to enter a user id. In this case, the user id is not validated but will allow future tracking on who was selling which tickets.

Once the operator is signed in, the ticket sales can start. When performing a new sale, an easy overview with all available ticket types is displayed. Additionally a column shows the quantity to sell (initiated to 0) and another column shows if any of the tickets being sold has a discount applied. To add or remove tickets or to apply discounts just select the ticket and press the related button in the bottom of the screen. A new sale is just a few clicks away! And it won’t take hours of training before a new sales operator can start.

Once the sale is completed the sales operator can use the built-in calculator as a help to charge your customer the right amount. The tickets generated and the total amount of tickets and money are stored onto the resident memory of the PDA.

At the end of the shift the sales operator can easily review the tickets sold and get a summary of the amount of money involved allowing for a check the collected cash is correct.

Finally, upload all sales details to the host via cradle or Wi-Fi.





  • English
  • Spanish



Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

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