EasyGo! POD


Manage your deliveries with a simple, customizable and powerful proof of delivery solution. EasyGo! POD has GPS, image capture (requires 2D Imager) and signature support offering true Proof on Delivery as location, product and customer details including the signature are captured. Adding additional comments at the point of activity ensures the highest customer satisfaction. In addition to the delivery registration EasyGo! POD also incorporates the registration process for collecting packages from the costumer site at the very same moment the operator delivers the packages.


EasyGo! POD manages your  deliveries easily and securely.

Once the POD terminal is filled with the relevant basic information such as Delivery Id, Address, Number of Packages the delivery can start! You can start delivering your packages now! Optionally it is possible having detailed information on the content of each package available for the operator should this it be required to match security or delivery instructions.

When starting the delivery process the operator will see a complete overview on all deliveries to do, sorted on predefined settings by the host/planning system. When the operator arrives to the delivery destination, he only needs to verify the delivery data, add comments if necessary, i.e. ‘missing box’ (the comments can be predefined in a master file), take a photo if required and finally, if needed, ask the customer’s signature as proof of delivery. EasyGo! POD will offer as well Geo-tagging on this deliver as the GPS coordinates can be saved to all deliveries or collections.

EasyGo! POD is simple to setup as it only needs one single master file with the basic information of the all deliveries to do. If it is required for the delivery process additional information can be provided to the operators such as:

–        Details of each package for each delivery, package code and description, delivery instructions

–        Warnings and comments.

At the point of activity EasyGo! POD allows also for collecting packages as it includes a process to add new activities easily. Just enter the name or customer ID, address details, number of packets and the signature of your customer (optional) and the collection is created!

Finally, upload the register of your deliveries to the host via cradle or Wi-Fi.









Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

Available Documents

    Shampoo & Conditioner Labels


    Your hair care products deserve a label that will get noticed. Set yourself apart from the competition with a colorful, creative label that adds value to your product line. Small shampoo bottle labels are very popular at hotels and resorts and can benefit from label redesign or update of materials.

    View Product

    Weber LA4050B-EL – All Electric Linear Print Apply System

    Weber’s LA4050B Series Electric Labelling Print and Apply automated labeling systems feature industry-leading smart technology that use sensors to reduce label application complications, ensuring a one-to-one label-product match. As the leading all-electric Label Printer/Applicator manufacturer on the market, our pressure sensitive labeling systems enable customers to completely replace conventional pneumatic systems with semi-electric and or a fully electric option that controls the label with pinpoint accuracy in side, top, bottom and corner-wrap applications throughout the packaging process.

    View Product

    Furniture Polish Labels


    When creating a family of furniture care products such as conditioners and oils, be sure to let the customer see exactly what they will be putting on their expensive wooden treasures. By using clear labels and containers, the buyer can see the products inside, showing your quality ingredients. And since your customer will be concerned about the ingredients, your label needs to show caution information and detailed instructions.

    View Product

    Model 5300 Series Twin-Tamp Label Printer-Applicator

    Weber’s Model 5300 Twin-Tamp label printer applicator combines a high-performance thermal/thermal-transfer label printer with a specially configured applicator to satisfy the printing and two-label, adjacent-panel application of carton labels in line.

    • Choose from a wide range of 203, 300 and 600 dpi print engines
    • Capable of handling print speeds up to 16 ips
    • Numerous I/O’s ease interfacing with external devices
    • Monitor operation via a web browser
    View Product

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