EasyGo! In&Out&Dispatch


Manage your receiving, shipping and warehouse transfers with a simple, customizable and quick application. When completing a receipt and shipping process in a warehouse mainly order number, product ID and involved quantity are required. In the case of warehouse transfers will take place (dispatch) additional information such as source and destination location next to the product ID and quantity are needed. EasyGo! In&Out&Dispatch will manage the registration of incoming and outgoing goods into your warehouse. Additionally it allows an ‘automatic mode’ for receiving, shipping and dispatching; simply read the product barcodes and the application will do the rest!


EasyGo! In&Out&Dispatch manages receiving, shipping and dispatching items and products of any type of stock in your warehouse or logistics operations, with or without barcodes labels. Properties associated to an order are customizable for each customer.


The operator simply enters an order ID, provides additional information such as supplier or customer details, comments, and starts the receiving or shipping process. It’s really simple: read the order, read the product, write the quantity, and the entry has been created! In the case of a dispatching process, the operator will only need to introduce the source of the product to dispatch, the destination, reads the product, introduce the quantity and the transfer is done!


EasyGo! In&Out&Dispatch doesn’t necessarily need a master file to work, it is ready to go!

This will allow the operator a simple registration of all his activities without any particular checks done. It just registers the work done and obviously offers a detailed storage of those transactions. Optionally, you can provide a master file containing product information, allowing for more control and validations at your warehouse operations. If a master file is provided, you’ll avoid receiving, shipping and moving incorrect products.


Additionally, an optional EAN master file can be provided to be able to read any EAN associated to the product.


EasyGo! In&Out&Dispatch Automatic mode offers a quick and efficient way to perform receiving, shipping and dispatching of products. Simply parameterize the application to work with this automatic mode; read a product code and it will be automatically registered with a fixed quantity. Read it again, and the quantity will be added to the current entry. Though in Automatic Mode you will always be able to manually change the quantities giving the operator full flexibility.


Finally, upload your receiving and shipping data to the host via cradle or Wi-Fi.









Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

Available Documents

    Sato TH2 Portable Printer


    • Portable, Battery Operated
    • Real-Time Calendar for Date Coded Labelling
    • Wide and Adjustable LCD Screen Display
    • Easy File Transfer / Update of Product Lists
    • Multiple Language Printing and Display
    • Supports 2D Barcode Printing
    • Multiple Interface – USB / LAN
    • Compact
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    Solicom ClockInOut


    Solicom ClockInOut is an easy to use application, with just a single screen showing the current time and after scanning a badge, a welcome or goodbye message is shown for the person just scanned. Badges that are allowed for entrance can be put in a lookup table. All badges scanned are saved in a report table. Via a supervisor menu, activated by a configurable special badge number, the download and upload of both tables can be controlled.

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    Label Coatings


    Our special manufacturing capabilities and broad selection of matte and gloss varnish coatings and laminates help improve the appearance and long-lasting performance of your labels.



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    Electric Rewinder Model GLR-50

    Electric Rewinder
    • Auto-switching Universal Power
    • Supply for immediate adaptability anywhere in the world
    • Compatible with all Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printers
    • Electronic Speed Control will automatically synchronise winding speed to the speed of your printer
    • Provides passive winding without skewing print or barcodes on your labels
    • Rewind from 2.5cm to 25cm per second
    • Easily handles labels from 2.5cm to 10cm wide
    • Wind labels face in or face out
    View Product

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