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BCP Apps – Mobile Order Book isn’t just an ordinary mobile sales tool, it’s much more… At the customers site you can either scan the product the customer wants to order, or using the search tool find the product just by typing in a few letters. You can even pull back an old previous order to edit, and the Mobile Order Book will automatically check for the latest prices and whether that product is still stocked or not. You can even add a new customer and take their order when you’re out and about if you wish… All this and send the order to be picked via GPRS before you even leave the customers side… or if you wish send it via WiFi or just insert the device into a cradle when you get back.


BCP Apps – Mobile Order Book is the complete solution for sales ordering. Each device is preloaded with your customer base, stock selection and user file. All 3 files can either be manually uploaded when selected on the device or, if left in its cradle overnight the Mobile Order Book will automatically update all 3 files.

As well as scanning products to add to the order you can choose quickly from the user friendly screens to arrive at your selection. All products are automatically sorted into product groups to ease the selection process along with an easy to use on-screen search tool. After the order is completed you will have the choice of whether or not to add specific delivery instruction. A useful point to remember is at any stage the order can be edited if the customer changes his/he mind on any product.

Previous orders for each customer are stored on the device and can be selected and edited if required. When selected all prices will be updated for each product and checked to see if still stocked.

The uploaded customer file will contain a column indicating what discount on the selling price, if any, a particular customer has. There is also a column which allows head office to place a particular customer “On Hold” until a payment is received, if required.  The details of any payments you receive while at the customer’s site will be downloaded to the host. If customers are allocated to specific personnel, holiday cover can be easily arranged from the main menu.

The orders downloaded to the host can either remain as individual orders or if required appended to one master Order file. If selected the Signature file in bmp format can be downloaded. Also if selected a Pick List text file of each order can also be downloaded. If a new customers details are entered on the device or if an existing customer’s details are amended these will also be downloaded to the host.



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Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

Available Documents

    Weber Label Printers and Dispensers

    For manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and offices, investing in high-quality and efficient label printers to have on the premises can bring significant long-term cost and time savings for your business. Up-to-date, accurate and fast labelling of products is essential in today’s production and business world. With such a depth of experience and broad expertise, Weber Packaging Solutions is your best choice for label printers and label applicators in the UK & Ireland.

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    Weber LA4050WO – Wipe On Printer Applicator

    The Weber 4050WO is a simple low cost Wipe on label applicator which comes with a choice of Print Engines dependent on the customers requirements. This system is suitable for Top, Bottom, or Side Labelling of Flat Surfaces with a choice of Dispensing Beaks to cater for any Labelling Challenge. The System is easy to integrate into an existing Line or as a Standalone Labelling System mounted on its own Stand.

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    Sato LM4e Strong AND Durable Printer

    LM4e printe


    • Heavy Duty Industrial Construction
    • High Resolution Printing
    • Interface Port for Easy Connectivity
    • Materials Tracking
    • Work-in-Process
    • Easy Loading
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    Axicon Pharmacode Verifier- 6000-W

    Axicon Pharmacode Verifier- 6000-W

    The Axicon 6000-W White Light Pharmacode Verifier… was designed specifically to meet the requirements to verify the “Pharmacode” (commonly called the “Laetus” Code) within the Pharmaceutical Industry. This Verifier uses a white light source in order to capture all bars regardless of colour. This is an essential tool for all designers and printers of pharmaceutical packaging.

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